A Fair Face may hide a Foul Heart Story

A Fair Face may hide a Foul Heart


Once a hungry wolf was eating his prey. In order to finish it quickly, he swallowed big bite of flesh. A bone also went in and stuck into his throat. It hurt him very much. He decided to seek the help of a crane.

He requested the crane to pick out the bone from his throat. The crane was afraid lest, the wolf should bite off his head. But the wolf assured him of safety and also a big reward for this service.

At last, the crane agreed. It put its long beak into the throat of the wolf and pulled out the bone. The wolf felt very happy. The crane demanded the promised reward for the service.

The wolf at once said, “isn’t it a big reward that I have not bitten off your head when it could not escape my teeth?” The crane was disappointed at this. So, it went away cursing the cunning wolf.

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A wolf may lose its teeth but not its nature.

A Fair Face may hide a Foul Heart




5. Be sure to specify the weight (if it is not indicated on the label, ask the seller). According to the requirements of SanPiN , an elementary school student must have a briefcase, the weight of which does not exceed 700 g . For middle and high school students, it is better to choose a briefcase or a satchel weighing no more than 1 kg .

6. For primary and secondary school children, the back should be firm and unbending .

7.Specify other indicators for compliance with SanPiN. First check the height of the entire product, it should be 300-360 mm . You can separately check the height of the front wall, which should be 220-260 mm , and the width of the product should be selected 60-100 mm . The shoulder strap plays a very important role : its length must be at least 600 mm , and the width at the top must be from 40 mm .

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8. Carefully inspect the shoulder straps, if they are not elastic , it is better to buy special attachments.

9. Check for reflective elements . If they are missing, be sure to purchase the appropriate stickers.

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