He Came to Know Himself Poem Summary

He Came to Know Himself Summary


One who comes to know his own value, as a wonderful creation of Allah Almighty cannot have a view of anything else except Him. Allah has granted mankind the passion of love from heaven in the form of waterfall.


In His love Mansur mounted the gallows to get his head cut off. For the love of his beloved, Allah Almighty Yousaf (A.S) went through the bazaars of Egypt to be sold. The poet declares the straightforward truth that a person’s stay on earth is temporary.

This understanding is absent in superficially thinking biorobots. Which are so cherished and loved by the stupefied elite. Biorobots, which are very convenient to control, because they have neither their own global outlook, nor world outlook. The maximum that many are capable of is to go to church and put a candle, play games, to put huskies and plow on meaningless work, knowing their place in a small and limited world.

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