Dialogue between a Brother and a Sister Concerning Time

Dialogue between a Brother and a Sister Concerning Time

Ali: What’s the time?

Fatimah: It is nearly five to eight by my watch.

Ali: Upon my word, we must hurry up, if you want to catch that train for Rawalpindi.

Fatimah: Why, when is it due out?

Ali: At a quarter past nine exactly.

Fatimah: Oh, never mind. We have plenty of time.

Ali: I am not so sure of what on earth have you been doing? What time did you get up?

Fatimah: I woke up before half-past five. Then I performed ablutions and offered my morning prayer. Now breakfast is ready. Don’t look at me like that.

Ali: For heaven’s sake, get ready! Well, come along. Let us go! We have no time to waste. Time flies, you know.



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