Pendragon Educational Publishers England UK

Pendragon Educational Publishers England UK


If you address someone in your native language, they are 10 times more likely to buy from you – regardless of their English competence.

— Gary Muddiman , Financial Times, September 23, 2015

Arabic is the native language of about 325 million people.
The Arabic-speaking world, and in particular the Gulf states, are the fifth largest trading partners for the EU.
Arabic is considered a critical language for various government agencies around the world.
Associating cultures with languages
The Arab world is considered a “high context” culture (ET Hall). Personal relationships are very important. Yet many of the people inside the business – on the ground – often do not have the necessary language skills and cultural understanding to deal with the challenge of doing business in the Arab world. In recent years, interest in learning Arabic has increased dramatically.

Many existing Arabic courses tend to emphasize vocabulary, structures, and grammar first. They often view Arabic as a dead language, like Latin. They also often ignore the increasingly important aspect of cultural awareness and fail to recognize that the learner must be culturally competent in order to understand language and interact appropriately.

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This calls for a different course for those who offer.

These courses are often presented. The student must bring significant cognitive and analytical skills to learn the language. Few people have the time or academic skills to successfully study with such products.

In addition, these courses, whether in print or online, are rarely based on the Common European Reference System, and the course curriculum is often geared towards general levels such as “beginner”, Arabic Online
views Arabic as a dynamic, living language.

Arab Online’s pedagogical approach can be described as a cognitive constructivist approach to learning, in particular language learning, which is combined with currently available desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone technology. This approach sees learning, as well as the common European frame of reference, as an active process and learners as active creators of meaning.

Students are guided by a goal-oriented approach through a series of units, modules and steps to acquire the Arabic language and understand Arabic culture.

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The ArabOnline approach is particularly suitable for non-academic learners and professional learners who do not study full-time. Students can study Arabic script or Western script (transliteration). ArabicOnline is based on Levels A1 / A2 of the Common European Reference System for Modern Languages: an international benchmark for determining language proficiency and which is recognized throughout Europe.

By providing an Arabic language course across multiple platforms and devices, the ArabOnline team has created a situation that aims to emulate the full state of immersion in language learning.

Pendragon Educational Publishers Degrees / Programs

Let’s take a look some of the degrees offered by the university.

ArabicOnline.Eu – Beginner to Intermediate Arabic course
ArabicOnline.Eu – Advanced Arabic course
Turkish language, culture and business ethics course

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