The Tell Tale Heart Crime Scene

The Tell Tale Heart Crime Scene


The Tell tale Heart has a frightening start as the killer has a strange motive for the murder of the old man. The killer actually loves the old man and he has no normal reason to kill him. He wants to kill him just because he does not like one of his eyes. This motive of the killing creates horror.


The process of the killing also creates horror. When he went to kill the old man on the eighth night, he was very proud of his sagacity. Therefore, he laughed quietly and the old man heard him. He jumped on his bed with fear. It is very horrible that the killer enjoyed the fear of the old man. When the reader reads about the fear of the old man and the process of killing, he feels afraid.


We find the most horrible situation when the killer dismembered the dead body to conceal it. He cut off the head, the arms, and the legs. It is very horrible. The way his conscience prick him is also very horrible.

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