Woman Work by Maya Angelou Summary

Summary of Woman Work Poem


Maya Angelou, the poetess, has described the domestic routine of a housewife. The routine is mechanical, i.e. caring for the children, mending clothes, mapping floor, buying and cooking food and pressing clothes etc. It is in fact drudgery. No leisure is available to a woman. Even then she is dreaming of ideal life. She longs for rain, sunshine and snowfall.

It gives woman strength to sustenance. She wishes to be one with Nature and loves to be a part of the mountain, oceans, leaf and stone, star shine, moon glow. She likes to participate in nature around her. She is tired of her daily mechanical routine and requests the storm to rescue her as follows:


Storm, blow me from here

With your fiercest wind

Let me float across the sky

Till I can rest again


The poetess, Maya Angelou has successfully described the disgust of the house woman for the dullness of life of drudgery and her longing for ideal life and union with nature around her.

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