Write a Letter to your Sister thanking her for a Gift

Write a Letter to your Sister thanking her for a Gift

Examination Hall,

City A. B. C

Feb 19, 2017

Dear Sister,


It was a great moment when a post man handed over a parcel to me. It was a beautiful wrist watch, wrapped in a gift pack. it shows your sagacity and wisdom that how you have made me realize the importance of time in my life. I have shown this watch to my friends who are also full of praise for it. I want to thank you for sending me such a precious gift.

It will remind me of your love and affection.

Pay my best regards to all the family members.


Yours affectionately,




Teaching methods, of course, vary slightly in different schools and depend on teachers, but be prepared for the fact that the child will have to do a lot “through I don’t want to” for the sake of studying, push some of their own creative ideas into the background and adhere to the given topics and techniques painting and graphics. Sending a child to an art school is worth it if he is really very passionate about drawing, there are abilities, there is a desire to connect the future profession with creativity, etc. According to the teachers themselves, some of the children from each new set leave the art school, usually already during the first six months of study. Most often, children are taken away by those parents who overestimated their own enthusiasm and the capabilities of the child.

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If you decide that you should not send your child to art school, and want to try something else, there are numerous art studios, children’s art circles and other studios and groups where the child will be taught to draw and supervise his creativity.

When choosing an art studio according to your wishes, I advise you to pay attention to such points:

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