About us

Kitabnagri is an educational portal which offers ebooks for lot of industries even for the students who are in school and want to read their books online. Our team is managing all the books and always in touch to offer you the latest and good printed books especially for students who will become our country’s future in near future. Apart from, we also provide interesting stuff such as ebooks and novels for those who love to read and learn and many more information based stuff.

Our basic area of focus is to provide a massive amount of information under single radar. Because we know how much hard it is to find the appropriate information regarding a specific term. Our highly motivated team is working day and night to gather all the information which can be useful in any manner within our targeted genre.

The most important thing to know about us is that we only provide the valid information which is approved somehow by some certified board or institution and secondly we share this information with our readers/users for free. We do not charge a single penny for any information we share on kitabnagri

Our key target is to help, because we believe if you will help others then help will come for you as well from mysterious ways.

For any assistance, suggestion or question you can freely ask us by completing our contact us form. We will do our best to answer your query within 1 working day.