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BA/BSC English Past Papers PU 2013 Group II

BA/BSC English Past Papers Punjab University 2013 Second Shift

BA English Past Papers Punjab University 2013 Group II

MRI helped to draw the following conclusions … A person has certain ideas about how events usually develop. But as soon as he encounters a text where sentences are jumbled and the storyline looks strange, he has to abandon his usual train of thought. This makes it much more difficult to reproduce such text. On the other hand, text with jumbled sentences looks much more interesting than usual. Understanding is important. But it is just as necessary to enjoy reading. Marianne Wolfe notes that the limbic system of the brain, which is responsible for emotions, comes into play as soon as we learn to read fluently and to ourselves. It generates a sense of pleasure, disgust, horror and excitement, forcing again and again to return to the story or novel. Those who create modern digital novels know this. The era of the digital romance It is no coincidence that many of the best digital texts have taken on the form of a game in which the reader is faced with an imaginary world, solving puzzles and problems, often incredibly difficult.

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