10th Class Biology Guess Papers MCQs & Topics

Guess Papers of Biology 10th Class

MCQs & Topics

Short Question which can be come as a MCQ

Page No age no 19 – Question No 1,3

Page No 36.Question No 1

Page No 65.Question No 1,3,4,6,8

Page No 80.Question No 1,2,3

Page No 109.Question No 2,3,4

Page No 132.Question No 1,3,4

Page No 164.Question No 2,4

Page No 180.Question No 1,5

Page No 192.Question No 1,2,3

Long Qestions

Page No 19.Question No 2,3

Page No 36.Question No 1,3,4

Page No 65.Question No 3,4,5,6

Page No 80.Question No 1,2

Page No 110.Question No 1,4

Page No 132.Question No 1,6

Page No 164.Question No 2,3,6

Page No 180.Question No 1,3

Page No 192.Question No 1,5

Page No rctcl 1,2,5,11,14,15,17,18



For the institution, this new teaching aims to develop students’ computer thinking. Investigating, breaking down a diagram, recognizing it, generalizing a logical sequence or designing algorithms are all skills that he will be able to implement using the programming of connected objects. The robot as a teaching tool draws its legitimacy in particular from the constructivist theories of Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert: “The child acquires knowledge and skills by acting spontaneously on reality and on his environment, all the more easily as he builds to do see to others”. Facilitate understanding and make learning more fun

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