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10th Class Biology Guess Papers Topics for Long Questions

Guess Papers of Biology 10th Class

Long Questions Topics

Chapter No : 1 / Difference Between Respiration and Breathing

2 : Stomata and lanticells, Glottis and Epiglottis, Bronchi and Bronchioles, Emphysema,Asthma

Chapter No 2 : Osmoregulation, Excretion, Thermoregulation, Xerophytes, Function of Skin,

Structure of Nephron,kidney Failure,Kidney Transplant.

Chspter No 3: Nerve cell or Neuron,Division of Brain,Structure of Eye,Pituitary gland,Feed back mechanism, del’s law of Independent Assortment, Contneous and discontinuous varitions,Artificial Selection.Last Ch short questions.

Chapter No 7: Population ,Community, Ecosystem,Producers,Consumers,Food Chain and Food Web,Carbon Cycle and Nitrogen Cycle, Symbosis Air Pollution and Water Pollution,Conservation of Nature.



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