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Chemistry Guess Papers for 10th Class

Today we are going to share with you the 10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022 with all of our readers or students or for those who are teaching means teachers. So check the 10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022 below : –

Short Questions


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Long Questions

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Important Topics with Respect to Long & Short Questions

Law of mass action ,

Derivation expression ,

Equilibrium constant ,

Properties acid or base ,

Ph scale,

General character organic comp ,

Homologous series

Physical Properties (alkanes,alkayne ,alkene)

Use Methane or Ethane or Acetylene

Carbohydrate ,

Uses (Protein,Fats, Vitamin)

Oxide co,co2 ,

Global warming affect,


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This learning is called “reversed” because it is not practiced in the traditional sense of a theoretical lesson seen in class, followed by exercises to be done at home. On the contrary, the pupils begin to experiment on their own with different subjects and content and then put them into practice together in class. This method has proven itself and offers positive results: it engages the student more “actively” and he no longer has the impression of “undergoing” a theoretical content that is often abstract and easily forgotten. Personalized learning One of the great strengths of educational technology is its flexibility, rapid adaptation and, above all, personalization. Every student is different and it has long been known that learning methodologies and experiences should never be the same for everyone. But previous education systems could never support tailored learning because there were too many limitations and little opportunity with traditional methods.

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