10th Class Computer Science Guess Papers Long Questions

Computer Science Guess Papers for 10th Class

Topics for Long Questions

Flowchart, Algorithm, Types of Error, Desk Checking, Debugging,

Rules for Naming a Variable, Structure of Basic Program, Control Structure and Control Transfer

While Wend and for Next Loop, Array and its Types, Array Manipulation,

Dim Statement, Subroutine and Function, Types of Files,

Built in Function, User Defined Function, Graphics Modes, Circle, Draw Statement,

Word Processing, Cut and Copy, Undo and Redo.



“By addressing children through reading (via educational booklets for example), we will provoke a discussion on these subjects between the children and their parents. This allows children to have a social exchange on these issues, and parents to learn about these areas and the links there are with society,” explains Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.

The deployment of robotics in schools
The introduction of robots into the school setting, whether as teaching tools or as objects integrating the physical environment of the classroom, raises a certain number of questions.

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With increasingly intelligent and autonomous robots, how can the teacher’s posture evolve? Should the robot be used as an educational assistant to carry out repetitive tasks, with less added value? Or use the robot tomorrow as an “associate professor”?

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