10th Class Islamiyat Guess Paper 2022

10th Class Islamiyat Guess 2022


Surat ul mumtahna ayt

# 1 ta 10

Surat ul ahzab ayt

# 1 to 20 or 30 to 35


  • 6,9,8,10,12,19,20


An important task is to ensure the achievement of such a quality of educational services that would make educational institutions attractive to domestic and foreign students. It should be borne in mind that, according to Russian scientists, it is necessary to create an educational strategy for accelerated development. They reasonably believe that Russian education is quite capable of repeating the wave of international expansion of Russian power engineers and metallurgists.

National project “Education”

In June 2006, at a video conference in the Kremlin on the implementation of priority national projects, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that:

it was the project approach that made it possible to develop a model in which the Federation, regions, and municipalities are linked into a single mechanism and work for a common result; such interaction will continue to be built on the basis of clear planning and determination of very specific tasks for each of the participants in these projects, as well as the obligations of the authorities, including financial ones;

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there are already certain results that can be analyzed, discussed; a system of additional payments to pedagogical staff has been established; Universities are identified that will receive state assistance in implementing innovative programs;

it is necessary to make adjustments, to focus on what failed to be done.




The third stage in the development of life mastery is when the human doer can form and organize a team to create a successful goal system. For this, it is necessary to additionally master the practices of system leadership and operational management. At the same stage, the figure is able to help develop systematically not only colleagues, but also their children.

The fourth stage is the ability to create and reorganize enterprises . It is about organizational change or digital transformation. To do this, it is necessary to master the applied practices of system management , in which the enterprise is considered as a system (enterprise architecture). And of course, knowledge of modern technologies, including AI, will be required, since without IT today not a single successful transformation of an enterprise is carried out.

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The fifth stage is the ability to initiate reforms in the industry and the country, or to carry out a scientific revolution on a global scale . To do this, the figure must work on the frontier of science and master sota-practices, including he must set global tasks for humanity. To solve these problems, he must be able to organize large teams of people-doers, many of whom he does not even know.

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