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10th Class Math Guess Papers Questions

Guess Papers for Math 10th Class


Chapter No 1

(1.1/1, 1.2/3,8,10

,1.3/4,7,10 1.4/5,8,11)

Chapter No 2

(2.1/4,5,8 2.2/2,4

2.3/3,5 2.4/2

2.5/1 2.6/1,2)

Chapter No 3



3.3/1,2 3.4/2 3.6/1)

Chapter No 4





Chapter No 5

(5.1/4 5.2/3 5.3/4


Chapter No 6



Chapter No 7






Chapter No 13





simulation games , particularly used in technological and professional sectors. These are business simulation games, city development or trade, to immerse students in a virtual universe reproducing reality and thus put their skills to the test;
educational escape games . With the arrival of broadband in schools and new tools, teachers have created educational escape games allowing students to reuse notions seen in class in a motivating context;
“sandboxes”  are open games where everything is to be built by the players. The game can be configured and modified by the teacher. This contextualizes concepts and allows students to work together.
Tools to protect the student on his educational digital device
Several tools exist to reassure teachers and parents about the use that students can make of school tablets, within the school establishment as well as at home. One of the most important concerns the safety of the child while browsing online . A web filtering tool, for example, makes it possible to ensure that the student does not come across inappropriate content or unwanted games when browsing the Internet.

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