10th Class Physics Guess Papers Long Questions

Guess Papers for Physics 10th Class

Topics for Long Questions


Horizontal mass spring system, Motion of simple pendulum, Damped oscillation, wave carries energy


Loudness and factor, image formation in convex lens, optical fiber, simple and compound microscope., human eye, defect of vision,


Electro scope, Coulomb’s law, parallel/series combination of capacitor, capacitor capacitance,


EMF, OHM Law, resistivity, joules law, parallel/series combination of of resistor,


D.c motor, A.c generator, transformer,


Thermionic emission, proprieties of electron, c.r.o(electron gun), AND operation, OR operation


Component of computer based on it, compute r, internet, e.mail,


Nuclear transmission, uses of radio isotopes, fission reaction.



Video games as a means of learning?
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