1st Year Physics Solved Numericals Pdf Free Download

1st Year Physics Solved Numericals


Chapter 01 (The Scope of Physics)

Chapter 02 (Scalars & Vectors)

Chapter 03 (Motion)

Chapter 04 (Motion in two Dimensions)

Chapter 05 (Torque, Angular Momentum & Equilibrium)

Chapter 06 (Gravitation)

Chapter 07 (Work, Energy & Power)

Chapter 08 (Wave Motion and Sound)

Chapter 09 (Nature of Light)

Chapter 10 (Geometrical Optics)


Note: Physics Solved Numericals for Karachi Board




When you have already met with the head of the chosen art studio, ask him about what painting techniques will be studied, whether there is any kind of curriculum, etc. In general, find out how close the classes are to the art school regime, and then decide for yourself – is it good or bad.
Those who choose not to send their children to art school most often cite its main drawback as a standardized academic approach to drawing. Toddlers are taught rules and techniques, relegating to the background their thirst for self-expression. Not all children are suitable for the proposed developed schemes, and a certain percentage of students leave the walls of the art school for this very reason. If your child believes that drawing is primarily a creative approach and a personal look at beauty, most likely he will feel cramped in a specialized educational institution.

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On the other hand, supporters of art education say that the school introduces the child to many techniques. Sometimes the lack of mechanical skills interferes with the implementation of a creative idea, and the school curriculum just solves this problem. It provides the base, having become acquainted with which the child can develop his own unique style in the future.

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