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I Com Part II Banking Guess Paper

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2nd Year Banking Guess Paper




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“The first reflex during confinement was to find the front class, by videoconference. So we had a teacher who talks to his students on camera, just like the classic form of the course. But why not take advantage of all these tools to change the physical spaces of the school? By creating studios, for students to create content? Outside, to broaden their horizons? Or by pushing the flipped classroom further? she wonders.

Digital therefore helps the teacher to increase his pedagogical strike force because in the end, it is the human being who remains at the heart of the learning process.

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Note: Approaches to the renewal of financial mechanisms in the system of vocational education must be accompanied by specific changes in the educational process, in the content of education. First of all, development of higher level professional education is provided. At the moment, more than 15% of programs in higher education institutions are tiered. Bachelor’s lays the foundation for the formation of professional culture and core competencies. This is the most massive training, the most satisfying demands of citizens for higher education. Training in the magistracy is aimed at in-depth training of specialists capable of solving complex problems in professional activity, organizing new areas of employment, and research and management. In recent years, significant steps have been taken in the public evaluation of the quality of vocational education. The ranking of universities conducted by employers’ organizations becomes a reference point for entrants in the choice of vocational education institutions, it makes it possible to distinguish a really high-quality training demanded on the labor market and its profanation-a formally obtained diploma that confirms only the general social skills of the graduate. This is especially important because the number of students is probably the highest in the world.

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