9 Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022

9th Chemistry Guess


Questions # 29

  • Write any five characteristics of mixture.
  • What is meant by mixture?
  • State the reason soft drink is a mixture and water is a compound.
  • Why does ice float on water?
  • Find out the molecules in 9 gram of water.
  • State any three difference between compound and mixture.
  • How does homogeneous mixture differ from heterogeneous mixture?
  • State three reasons why do you think air is a mixture and water a compound.
  • Why does not the suspension form homogeneous mixture?

Questions # 30

  • Describe the phenomenon of diffusion in liquids along the factors which influence it.
  • Define diffusion.
  • What is difference between diffusion and effusion?
  • Describe the factors which influence the diffusion of liquid.

Questions # 31

  • Write the name of factors which effect evaporation.
  • Define evaporation.
  • What do you mean by evaporation, how it is affected by surface area?
  • What is difference between boiling point and evaporation?
  • What is the relationship between evaporation and boiling point of liquid?
  • Evaporation causes cooling. Explain.

Questions # 32

  • What did you mean by the Thermal conductivity of the metallic compounds?
  • What do you mean by metallic character?

Questions # 33

  • How can a non-spontaneous reaction be carried out in an electrolytic cell? Discuss in detail.
  • What are spontaneous and non spontaneous reactions?
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Questions # 34

  • Distinguish between amorphous solid and crystalline solid.
  • Define crystalline solid and give its two examples.

Questions # 35

  • What is difference between colloids and suspensions?
  • How can you justify the milk is colloid?
  • Why are the colloids quite stable?
  • What is meant by colloid? Give two examples.

Questions # 36

  • Why are liquids mobile?
  • Write two properties of liquids.

Questions # 37

  • Write four properties of covalent compounds.
  • What are ionic and covalent compounds?
  • Ionic compounds are solids justify.
  • Write two properties of solids.

Questions # 38

  • Give the trend of ionization energy in a period.
  • Define Ionization energy.
  • Why ionization energy Na is less than Mg?
  • Why the ionization energy of Na more than K?
  • What is second ionization energy and how is it represented?

Questions # 39

  • What are radioactive isotopes?
  • Write isotopes of chlorine.
  • Give one example each of the use of radioactive isotope in medicine and radio therapy.
  • Describe some major applications of radioactive isotopes in our surroundings.
  • Write down any three isotopes of uranium.
  • What is isotope? Discuss the structure of Isotope with suitable examples.
  • Give the applications of isotopes in the field of radiotherapy and medicines.
  • Describe the isotope of hydrogen with diagram.
  • What is an isotope?
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Questions # 40

  • Write at least two physical properties of magnesium.
  • What is meant by magnesium ribbon and where it use?
  • Write down any two uses of magnesium.

Questions # 41

  • Briefly describe the electrolytic refining of copper.
  • What is electrolytic cell briefly describe its construction and working?
  • Give the difference between electrolytic cell electro chemical cells.

Questions # 42

  • What is inolarity? Write its formula.
  • Describe the significance of chemical formula.

Questions # 43

  • Write different types of molecules What is the difference molecule and molecular ion?
  • What is a molecule?

Questions # 44

  • Write a note on the construction of a Daniel Cell.
  • Briefly describe the construction and working of Daniel cell?

Questions # 45

  • Write any two chemical properties of halogens.
  • Write down the important chemical reactions of halogens.


Modeling graphically anything in this situation will not work. Here is an example of an attempt at such modeling: we start drawing for agent-1 and his intentions, then we add a second agent and his intention, we mention his strategy and action plan, a couple of important characteristics and preferences of his first role, then we add the second role of the second agent, and then we understand that the diagram is already complicated and to continue in this spirit further – only to get confused. But we haven’t drawn the practices that play the roles yet! And in the picture there are still no systems with which practitioners work! And even with the agents, intentions, strategies, action plans, interests, and preferences already covered, we return to the enumeration of the difficulties from the previous paragraph, and realize that we have only just begun modeling!

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But these are all important objects in a situation that must be considered. This is how methodological thinking works, which finds objects of missing types in a situation and draws attention to them, makes one reason about them. Without this, there will be no systems thinking (remember that important characteristics / subjects of interest are characteristics of the various systems encountered in the project, all these roles that manifest their interests work with systems).

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