Matric 9th 10th Class Admission 2023 Lahore Board

Matric 9th 10th Class Admission 2023 Lahore Board

Exam anxiety is common. Many studies assume that more than 25% of all students suffer from it. The causes are numerous and varied. Bad experiences with exams, high self-expectations or the expectations of the environment can cause and intensify the fear. In addition, a low self-efficacy expectation, i.e. the belief that one will fail, is crucial. People who tend towards perfectionism and nervousness are also at risk. In addition, poor preparation for the exam naturally fosters fear of the exam. So you are not alone! We reveal how you can prevent and overcome your exam anxiety in the future. Anyways, all of us are better know than us that we have entered in Admissions seasion. As you are also landed for checking the updates, which we have already shared above where you can check all the details. RELAXATION METHODS THAT BRING YOU DOWN IN THE EXAM! 3. CONCENTRATE ON YOUR BREATH
For this exercise we use the world of meditation. It’s very simple: inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth. While doing this, preferably four or five times, you concentrate on your breath and on “where” you breathe the air and how your body feels while breathing.

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Maybe you’ve heard of Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation. Different muscle groups are first tightened and then relaxed in a certain sequence. For the short relaxation break, we can also use a “light variant” of the whole. You contract as many muscles as you can for a few seconds – face, arms, legs, stomach, whatever is possible. Then you relax all muscles at the same time and enjoy the resulting feeling of relaxation. 5. TAKE A LITTLE JOURNEY OF THOUGHT
This relaxation method requires some imagination from you. Close your eyes and travel in your mind to a place that you like and where you feel safe. Of course, you have to find out exactly where and what that is for yourself. It is important that you imagine your retreat as precisely as possible: what temperature is it? How does it smell For example, can you feel wind on your skin? You take this trip for 1-2 minutes to “escape” your situation and gain some space.

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By the way, this exercise can be practiced in the evening in bed before going to sleep!

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In Soviet times, we were taught according to the same standards – the same textbooks, the same uniform. And, if you preferred to write with your left hand, you were definitely retrained. My child is left handed. What to do? Regardless of which hand your child writes with, he will always be a unique person with his own characteristics, way of thinking. Study it, suggest it, love it and don’t force it to become different. Do not make a “techie” out of a child if he has a humanitarian mindset, do not try to force him to use his right hand instead of his left. Such violence will lead to the fact that the child will not believe in himself, he may develop stuttering, nervous disorders.

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