9th Class Biology Guess Paper 2022 Lahore Board

Lahore Board 9th Biology Guess


Important Topics

  • Branches,
  • Farming,
  • Horticulture,
  • Biotechnolgy,
  • Comunty,
  • Population,
  • Bio Molecule,
  • Tisue,Organ,
  • Deduction,
  • Variable,
  • Hypothesis,
  • Taxonomy,
  • Aims Of Clasifcation,
  • 3&5 Kingdoms,
  • Clasfication Of Man&Mustard,
  • Biodivrsty&Importanc,
  • Plasmodsmeta,
  • Cel Wal,
  • Magnification,
  • Light&Electron Microscop,
  • Microscopy,
  • Palstids,
  • Mitochondria,
  • Golgi,
  • Endoplasmc Reticlm,
  • Cel Cycle,
  • Musle&Compound Tisue,
  • G0&S Phase,
  • Metastasis,
  • Meta&Anaphase,
  • Mitosis&Meiosis,
  • Procriotc&Eucriotc Cel,
  • Necrosis&Apaptosis,
  • Erors In Meiosis,
  • Enzym,
  • Uses Of Enzym,
  • Coenzym &Cofactor,
  • Photosynthesis,
  • Light&Dark Reaction,
  • Bio Issues,
  • Aerobic&Anaerobic Resp,
  • Bio Elements,
  • Micro N Macro,
  • Pop N Com,
  • 4 Unicellular Org,
  • Parts Of Mustard Plant,
  • Chr Of Hypothesis,
  • Control Exp,
  • Meaning Of Malaria,
  • Incubation Period,
  • Theory,
  • Law,
  • Principal,
  • Ex Of Bio Laws,
  • Bioinformatics,
  • Aim0f Clas,
  • Ex Heirarchy,
  • Andria And Leaneus Work,
  • Pirons N Viroids,Virus Living Or Non Living,
  • Sc Names Of Onion N Crow,
  • Clas Of Human,
  • Endangerd N Extinct Species,
  • Magnification N Resolution,
  • Microgrph,
  • Fluid Mosaic Model,
  • Plasmodesmata,
  • Nucleplasm,
  • Cristae,
  • Sisternae,
  • Rer N Ser,
  • Semi Permeable Membrane,
  • Passive Transport,
  • Hypertonic,
  • Hypotonic,
  • Isotonic,
  • Turgor Pessure

Important Questions

  • Write two aims of classification.
  • Write two properties of a good hypothesis
  • Write the major contribution of Carious Linnaeus in taxonomy.
  • Write down the scientific name of Frog and two characteristics.
  • Write down two functions of liver.
  • Write down the role of root hairs in roots of plants.
  • Write down the names of steps included in Biological method.
  • Write down the names of two types, of simple tissues.
  • Write down the name of two diseases caused by minerals deficiency.
  • Write down the function of Ribosome’s in cell.
  • Write down the name of industries where enzymes are extensively used?
  • Write down any two aims of classification.
  • Write biological name and importance of mustard plant.
  • Write down any four deficiency symptoms of vitamin C.
  • Write affect on speed of enzymes by increasing temperature?
  • Write a note on Mushroom
  • Write a note on Rhizopus.
  • Write a note on Fungi
  • Write a detailed note on electron microscope.
  • Write a note on Algae
  • Why was the experimental test tube incubated at 37°C?
  • Why it is necessary to publish the research work?
  • Why the portion inside the Flask could not make starch?
  • Why do the welts appear after mosquito bites or leaves the skin?
  • Who was Rudolf Virchow? What was his idea?
  • Why do female mosquitoes feed on body of mammals or birds?
  • Who used the term enzymes for the first time?
  • Who gave the concept of metabolism? Also define metabolism?
  • Who proposed the three Kingdom system of classification?
  • Who discovered the ATP molecule? What is the function in cell?
  • Where is found nervous tissue? ‘What is its role?
  • Who discover the lock and key model and define lock and key model?
  • Where in the chloroplast light reactions of photosynthesis take place?
  • When scientific name does is abbreviated? Give examples?
  • Where are RBCs formed in embryonic life?
  • When does an animal species become extinct?
  • What types of animals are produced in cross bread?
  • What was the work of Robert Hooke in cell theory?
  • What role does the pericardial fluid play?
  • What is the role of magnesium in plants?
  • What kind of transport system is in invertebrates?
  • What is the role of enzymes in metabolism?
  • What is the reason of atherosclerosis?
  • What is the role of colon bacteria?
  • What is the main use of enzymes in food industry?
  • What is the function of root hairs?
  • What is the importance of molybdenum for plants?
  • What is the Function of ribosomes?
  • What is the function of nucleolus in a nucleus?
  • What is the function of platelets?
  • What is the function of fibrinogen and albumin in blood?
  • What is the function of muscular tissue?
  • What is the function of cork cambium?
  • What is the difference in blood pressure in pulmonary and systemic circulation?
  • What is the function of colon?
  • What is the difference between intracellular and extra cellular enzymes?
  • What is the affect of temperature on the rate of transpiration?
  • What is the chemical composition of prokaryotic cell wall?
  • What is taxon?
  • What is role of potassium ions in the opening of stomata?
  • What is species? Write an example.
  • What is Protein energy malnutrition?
  • What is process of necrosis?
  • What is protein and from where we get it?
  • What is phragmoplast?
  • What is peristalsis?
  • What is photosynthesis? Write its equation.
  • What is Paleontology? Give definition of fossil and evolution.
  • What is Molecular biology? What molecules are studied in it?
  • What is optimum temperature?
  • What is meant by turgidity and its relation with stomata?
  • What is meant by pinocytosis?
  • What is meant by resolving power of a microscope?
  • What is meant by optimum temperature?
  • What is meant by defection?
  • What is meant by hypertonic and hypotonic solutions?
  • What is meant by churning?
  • What is malnutrition?
  • What is meant by “Source” in plants? Explain with an example.
  • What is Lock and key model? Who did propose it?
  • What is induced fit model? Who did propose it?
  • What is limiting factor?
  • What is incubation period?
  • What is homology?
  • What is horticulture?
  • What is habituate of marcopoloe sheep?
  • What is Genetic recombination? What is its significance?
  • What is go phase?
  • What is glycogen?
  • What is gastrin?
  • What is gall bladder?
  • What is gametephyte?
  • What is difference between Zoology and Botany?
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An analysis of the activities of educational institutions indicates that the state clearly underestimates the work of teachers, scientists and, in general, all those who work in the educational system. And thus the state reduces its intellectual potential and the degree of its independence.

Rosstat published data on the average accrued wages in April 2006. In the education system, it amounted to 61.5% of the national average and 22-24% of the average in the areas of petroleum product manufacturing, fuel and energy mining and financial activities. Education lost to the health sector and almost doubled to public administration employees.

It is urgent to break this negative trend and in order to increase the image of a teacher and scientist, to consolidate qualified personnel, to attract young people to work in the field of education, it is advisable: to immediately switch to a progressive sectoral system of remuneration in education; the basis of remuneration is the level of qualifications and performance; introduce a progressive system of incentives for efficient work with the use of a variety of surcharges for quality indicators, using budgetary and extra-budgetary sources for this; to implement provided for in Art. 132 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the condition that wages are not limited to the maximum amount; to increase social care for students (a significant increase in scholarships, benefits for dormitories, meals, medical and cultural services,

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Wider should involve the internal resources of the regions in a positive solution to the personnel problems of the education system.




In this regard, “analysts” are usually like observers: they do not need to do anything, they only need to understand something and prepare an “objective report”. There are no preferences in any interests (“objective”, exploratory view) – the performer of the role of an analyst usually does not have an active intention to change life in the direction of realizing a preference, there is no conjugate role of a synthetic, if not independently implementing the solution, then at least synthesizing it.

If you want to turn an actor playing the role of an analyst into a real actor-doer, just give him the role of an engineer (sometimes you don’t even need to give a new role, but simply rename the current one) – and he will begin not to “offer” something to people who take on responsibility, and “decide”, make engineering decisions, take responsibility. If the analyst says that “my opinion is that the rocket should have three stages, not two”, then someone will have to make some decision on this opinion. If an engineer says “there should be three stages in a rocket, not two”, then this is the decision made, no additional approval is needed by some synthetic engineer, which is necessary to approve the analyst’s proposals (do you feel the difference? Proposals versus decisions: what do you call the boat so she floats

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