9th Physics Guess Paper 2022

9th Physics Guess


Long Questions Guess

  • 2nd & 3rd Eq Of Motion
  • Newton 1st & 2nd Law
  • Importanc Of Vector Quantitis
  • Law Of Consrvation Of Momentm
  • Centripetal Force
  • Braking&Skidng
  • 1st Condition Of Equlibrum
  • Motion Of Artificial Satlite
  • Mas Of Earth
  • Kinetic Enrgy
  • Pascal Law&Hydralic Pres
  • Pressur&Formula
  • Archimedes Princple
  • Thermal Expansion&Eq Of Linear Thrmal Expansn
  • Submarin & Ship
  • Use Of Conductor& Non Condctnrs.

A person makes such a choice between the present and the future regularly, even during the day. In the vast majority of cases, this decision occurs on an intuitive level. However, in especially important cases, such a choice must be made consciously.

In order for a person’s preferences to change towards the future, it is necessary to consciously pay attention to the following three factors that will help tip the scales towards the future and ensure the result:

One must be well aware that future preferences far outweigh current dissatisfaction. It is important for me to answer the questions: Why should I do this and what preferences (dissatisfaction) are of great utility to me that I agree to invest in the future? What target system will I create and how will it eliminate the main dissatisfaction?
A person must understand with the help of what life skill he can achieve a result, that is, create a target system. The risks of achieving a positive result should be controlled, understandable, and conscious. A person must understand what he is risking (skin in the game).

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