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A Rainy Day Essay in Simple English for 10th Class

A Rainy Day Essay in English


It was the month of July. The sun was shining brightly. Everybody was perspiring from head to foot. It had not rained since long so every living being was in trouble. One day it was very hot.

Suddenly clouds appeared from the west and spread all over the sky at once.

It flashed and thundered for some time. Then it began to rain by cats and dogs. The streets were soon filled with rain water. There was knee-deep water everywhere. They began to float paper-boats on water. Everyone was feeling gay and happy.

All the pollution of the air went away. The rain stopped after one hour. The weather became pleasant. People got rid of scorching heat. They thanked God for this relief.




1. Arriving at the store, invite your child to choose several models to his taste. Name some specific number , for example, 5. Specificity will help the child make a choice. Remember that the purchased item should please the child so that he walks with it with pleasure. And from the options chosen by the child, select the most suitable.

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2. Specify the price of the selected models.

3. If the child chose a backpack, not a satchel, examine the label: it should indicate that the backpack is exactlyschool , not tourist.

4. Check for the presence of markings in indicating the materials used. The main thing is to make sure that the child does not have skin allergies to the materials .

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