Aamina Sheikh Age Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Height

Aamina Sheikh Age Biography

Aamina Sheikh Age Biography: Aamina Sheikh is a well-known actress in Pakistani films and television shows, and she has also worked as a fashion model in the past. Sheikh is the recipient of four Lux Style Awards, in addition to receiving widespread appreciation for her work as an actor, establishing a career in the Urdu television business and art films, and becoming a winner of these awards.

Aamina Sheikh Age

Her birthday is August 29th, 1981, and she was born in 1981. At this point in time, Aamina Sheikh is 41 years old.

Aamina Sheikh Age Biography, Father and Other Family Members, as well as Her Early Life and Education:

Sheikh’s father, Abdul Sheikh, is a drug expert by trade, and New York City is where Sheikh was born. However, Sheikh’s father had a passion for science and pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry despite the fact that both of Sheikh’s grandfather’s sides of the family had made successful careers in the material goods industry.

Her formative years were spent in both Karachi and Riyadh, where she received her primary education from the Mama Parsi School in Karachi and her secondary education at the American International School in Riyadh. Sheikh went on to complete her secondary education in Karachi, where she attended St. Joseph’s Convent School, Karachi, and The Lyceum School on an individual basis for her O and A levels. Before moving back to Pakistan, Aamina completed her film and video development education at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She also worked as a collaborator with the multi-media group Curious Pictures, which is situated in Manhattan.

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After relocating back to Pakistan, Sheikh began her working life by securing a position at Geo Television. There, she was responsible for the coordination and delivery of the children’s syndicated show Bachey Man Ke Sachey. Aamina made her acting debut in the 2007 telefilm Gurmuch Singh ki Waseeyat, which was directed by Sharjil Baloch and Khalid Ahmed. The epic work “The Will of Gurmukh Singh” written by Saadat Hassan Manto was essential to its resolution.

As a spokeswoman for the French luxury brand L’Oreal, she amassed a significant amount of recognition across the world. Sheik appeared in three notable telefilms in 2008, including Aasmaan Chu Lay, Pachees Qadam Pe Maut, and Baarish Mein Deewar. In the film “Aasmaan Chu Lay” directed by Syed Ali Reza, Sheik portrayed the role of a rickshaw driver who was determined to become the only provider for his family. Sheikh needed to learn how to operate a rickshaw and do it on Karachi’s main thoroughfare, M.A. Jinnah street, as well as in the Garden Area. The rickshaw also needed to be equipped with an enormous camera, and Sheikh wanted to attract actual tourists.

Aamina’s Debut

Approximately at the same time, Sheikh made her debut on the runaway wearing a design by Rehana Saigol. She has completed extensive print work for a variety of fashion and publishing brands and organisations, including Deepak Perwani, Amir Adnan, Nomi Ansari, Niche Lifestyle, Khaadi, Teejays, The Men’s Store, Fahad Hussayn, Hang Ten, Maheen Khan, Umbereen Sharmeen, Chinyere, Crossroads, and Limited Edition, among others.

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Atif Aslam was the photographer for her second photoshoot for Niche Lifestyle, which took place the following year. In 2010, Sheik appeared in the uber-vengeance dramatisation Daam written by Mehreen Jabbar as well as the emotional play Ishq Gumshuda written by Haissam Hussain.

Sheik won the award for best actress at both the New York Film Festival and the SAARC Film Festival in 2011 for her performance as a bereaved mother in Summer Nicks’ award-winning feature film Seedlings.

The film was an element in the competition for many grants. After that, she went on to play the major part in Iram Parveen Bilal’s element Josh, and then she went on to play the character of Natasha in the high-octane adventure action thriller, Operation 021, which was written by Zeba Bakhtiar and directed by Australian film producer Summer Nicks. At the very inaugural Veet Celebration of Beauty Awards, Aamina was recognised as the recipient of the Miss Photogenic Award.

Sheikh weds actor Mohib Mirza in Karachi; the couple has a daughter together. Aamina Sheikh’s Married Life Sheikh weds actor Mohib Mirza in Karachi. Their wedding was a three-day event that took place between the 30th of April and the 2nd of May in 2005. Mohib and Aamina crossed paths while working on the preparations for a programme that Mohib was going to emcee and Aamina was going to coordinate.

Mohib disclosed to Jang in a meeting that he had the most trouble convincing Aamina’s father and that each session with him featured “wide barbecue.” Jang was provided this information. They are parents to a daughter together, Meissa Mirza, who was born in 2015; nevertheless, they announced their separation in 2018.

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Aamina Sheikh’s Movies List:

Love Mein Ghum (2011) (Herself) Seedlings (2013) (Maliha) Freedom via Completion in Unity (2013) (Fatima) Armaan (2013) (Zarnab) 021 (2014) (Natasha)
Good morning to you, Karachi (2015) (Mehwish)
Cake (2018) (2018) (Zareen)
Heer Maan Ja (2019) A Tale of Love and Romance (Nida) (2020)
Programs and Sequels Aired on Television:
Wilco (2008) (2008) (Megha)
The answer is in the Qisson Ki Chadar (2008) (Aimen)
Boltay Afsanay (2008) (Razia) Dil-e-Nadan (2009) (Seema) Agar Tum Na Hotay (2009) (Shireen)
Haal-e-Dil (2010) (2010) (Seerat) Daam (2010) (Maliha) Saleena (2010) (Bushra) Tere Liye (2010) (Simran) Hum Tum (2010) (Ammal) Uraan (2010) (Sana)
Mera Saaein (2010) (Naina) Main Abdul Qadir Hoon (2010) (Nell) Maat (2011) (Aiman) Kuch Kami Si Hai (2011) (Asmee) \sMora Piya (2011) (2011) (Ujala) Mera Saaein 2 (2012) (Naina) Mirat Ul Uroos (2013) (Aiza) Silvatein (2013) (Zaib) Kuch Is Tarah (2013) Jackson Heights, as described by Sabina (2014) (Salma) Pakeezah (2016) (Pakeezah) Khudgarz (2017) (Ayera)
Nibah (2018) (Sofia)
List of Award Winners at the Lux Style Awards
Awards Given Out at the New York Film Festival
Awards Given Out at the SAARC Film Festival Tarang Housefull Awards
Awards presented by Veet in Honor of Beauty’s Celebration
Pakistan Media Awards
Awards Given Out at the Silent River Film Festival
Galaxy Lollywood Awards

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