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Ableeka Novel Part 1 By Aslam Rahi M.A Download

Ableeka Novel Part 1

Ableeka Novel Part 1 is an awesome mysterious historical Urdu novel By Aslam Rahi MA. One of the most common mistakes is the introduction and conclusion, the main part and the conclusion, other parts of the essay are not connected with each other. Often, students present them as a set of phrases that are acceptable for a single part, but absolutely inappropriate for the work as a whole. Also, there is often unnecessary information in the introduction and conclusion that only aggravates the text. Disproportionate parts of the essay are also a typical mistake, rarely who can combine the introduction and conclusion in 1/3 of the entire work, leaving 2/3 for the main part, as the canons dictate. Gaps in the construction of the composition are found in 7 out of 10 students, they are not very successful in assembling their composition in accordance with the main idea.

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Ableeka Novel Part 1

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