How Active Transport is Different from Diffusion

Active Transport is Different from Diffusion


In active transport movement of substances and materials take place against the concentration gradient i.e. from lower to higher concentration. While in Diffusion molecules move from higher to lower concentration.


Disadvantages: the implementation of abstractions takes up a lot of resources, which negatively affects performance; changes are easily made anywhere, which means that the architecture can deteriorate a little; sometimes, due to the encapsulation of details, it is difficult to solve the arising problem and even understand it; dynamic typing makes finding errors quite difficult if you don’t compile the code again. conclusions An attempt to find out what programming languages ​​are, how they work and what their essence is, of course, will not give a full-fledged result if we consider only one of the many classifications. But for a general understanding of what modern means of writing programs are, this is enough.

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