Answer To Non-Muslims Questions By Dr. Zakir Naik

Answer To Non-Muslims Questions By Dr. Zakir Naik

Book title is “Answer to Non Muslims Questions” Written by. Zakir Naik. This book provide answers to some common questions about Non-Muslim about Islam and Muslim i.e. Polygamy, Veil (Hijab), Spread by sward, fundamentalist, Non-Veg Food, Alcohol, Pork. Life After Death, Sects and Kaafir in English language. Preparation for the exam and other exams. The cost of classes will also differ depending on the level of the specialist: lessons with a student will cost several times less than lessons with an experienced professor. If you want to save money, you can find teachers who practice classes in groups of 3-5 people. As a rule, the price in this case is much lower, and the level of knowledge is quite good.

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