What is Assimilation of Digested Food

Assimilation of Digested Food


The products of digestion are finally absorbed through the lining of small intestine into the blood stream and become a part of the cell components this is called assimilation. Blood carries these products to each part of the body. On reaching the cells they produce energy in the form of ATP. Excess energy is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscle cells. This is used when people do heavy labour.


You can see that, essentially, accounting is a form of service. By measuring economic events and presenting this information to users, accounting acts as a valuable aid to economic decision- making. For accounting to serve its intended purpose, it is necessary to establish clearly who the major users of financial information are and what their needs are. As is known, in the world of business it is possible to classify users of accounting information into major groups. Users within each group are considered to have very similar, or the same, information needs.

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