BA English Guess Paper 2022 Punjab University

BA English Guess Papers 2022

Today we are going to share with you the BA English Guess Paper 2020 with all of our readers or students or for those who are teaching means teachers. So check the BA English Guess Paper 2020 below : –

Book Name – Short Stories

Most important stories and question for the preparation of BA English 2020 gather from past 5 years papers. Examiners frequently touch different question from these stories in recent past years.

1 – The Killers

2 – Rappaccini’s Daughter

3 -The New Constitution

4 – Breakfast

5 – Take Pity

6 – Araby

7 – The Tell Tale Heart

8 – The Happy Prince


Book Name – One Act Plays

1 – The Bear

2 – The Boy Comes Home

3 – Something to Talk About


Book NamePoem

1 – Tolerance

2 – Tartary

3 – Leisure

4 – Women Work

5 – Departure and Arrival

6 – The Solitary Reaper

7 – Patriot into Traitor

8 – After Apple Picking

9- When I have Fear

10 – The Eclipse

11 – Huntsman

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12 -The Rebel

13 – Poison Tree


Book – Essays

1 – My Grandfather

2 – The Sea

3 – Walking on the Moon

4 – Nagasaki August 1954

5 – The Beauty Industry

6 – Bachelor’s Dilemma

7 – Eclipse

8 – My Tailor

9 – Host and Guest

10 – Whistling of Birds

For English B

Please remain in touch because near the papers we will also publish an Essay which can be written for all the Topics.


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