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Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang Novel

This is one of the best piece of Badla Mere Humraz Ka Rang Novel From the collection of or Written by Farhat Ishtiaq It have 24 (Twenty Four) Pages. What are the advantages of e-books and how to choose them correctly? Content What kind of electronic blackened that papir? Features and Perevagi E Ink Display type Models for children It is lightweight, does not take up much space and does not strain the user’s eyes. Its small body can easily accommodate a whole library of works, and in addition to offer a set of useful multimedia functions. What modern e-books are capable of and how to choose them correctly, read our article. What is e-ink and paper? Electronic paper and ink are technologies that simulate the display of information created with conventional ink on a display screen. They were developed by E Ink Corporation. Displays powered by these technologies contain miniature cells and black and white pigments with different charges. When current is applied to the cells, one type of pigment rises up, the other goes down. Thus, the desired image or text is formed on the screen. The picture in such conditions remains visible even if the monitor power is turned off! Electronic ink technology provides tremendous energy savings, as energy is consumed only when you turn pages. That is why e-readers can work for several weeks or even months without recharging.

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