Biologically Important Properties of Water

Biological Properties Of Water


Best Solvent


Water is an excellent solvent for polar substances, when ionic substances dissolved in water, dissociate into positive and negative ions.


Non-ionic substances, having charged groups in their molecules, are dispersed in water.


Because of solvent property of water, almost all reactions in cells occur in aqueous media.


High Heat Capacity


Water has great ability of absorbing heat due to its high specific heat capacity.


The specific heat capacity of water is the number of calories required to raise the temperature of 1g water

through 1°C.


The thermal stability plays an important role in water based protoplasm of individuals metabolic activities.


High Heat of Vaporization


Liquid water requires higher amount of heat energy to change into vapours due to hydrogen bonding which holds the water molecules together.


It provides cooling effect to plants when water is transpired, or to animals when water is respired.

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Act As Amphoteric Molecule


Water molecule acts both as acid and a base. As acid, it gives up electron to form H+ ion, while as a base, it gains electron to form OH ions.


H2O <-> H+ + OH-


It acts as buffer and prevents changes in the pH of living body.




Water is an effective lubricant that provides protection against damage resulting from friction.

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