BISE AJK Board 11th Class Result 2023

BISE AJK Board 11th Class Result 2023

BISE AJK Board 11th Class Result 2023: The examination and results procedure at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is conducted in accordance with a stringent norm of transparency and impartiality. It is an independent body that has the legal power to certify and decertify educational establishments that are responsible for instructing students in intermediate and secondary level courses.

1973 was the year that saw the establishment of an autonomous board for the education of AJK’s secondary and intermediate students. The BISE Board of Lahore, to which it was legislatively incorporated in the past, is the body that is responsible for establishing its rules and regulations. The BISE Board AJK is responsible for carrying out the process of determining the outcomes of all supplemental and yearly exams for the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades.

Since it initially started holding exams in 1974, BISE Board AJK has provided its students with services for a total of 44 years. There are close to 800 educational institutions in AJK that are connected to the board. The role of the BISE Board AJK is the same as that of the other secondary and intermediate boards in Pakistan; it is to guarantee that the educational standards of the territories under its control have been satisfied. Certification, cancellation of certificates, and withdrawal of certificates of affiliated institutes if they don’t meet the criterion of BISE AJK Board certification and awarding deserving candidates are some of the responsibilities of the board. BISE AJK Board 11th Class Result

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The curriculum for the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades must be taught in the prescribed manner, and the implementation of educational policies must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines. Other responsibilities include organising inspections of affiliated institutes, providing necessary facilities and equipment

The AJK Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education is working to narrow the achievement gap that exists between public and private schools in the region. Regardless of the family’s socioeconomic standing, it is the right of every kid to have access to opportunities and a level of education of comparable calibre. According to the studies, the educational facilities that are made available to the pupils in the private sector are of a higher standard.

These state-level secondary and intermediate boards were founded expressly with the goal of ensuring that all of the regions that fall under their purview have an education that is consistent with state standards. The educational practises, testing procedures, and assessment criteria of the connected institutions need to be consistent with one another. All educational establishments should adhere to the same set of instructional standards and study material.

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The curriculum that is followed in intermediate courses such as the 11th and 12th grades is same throughout all educational institutions. Students attending public schools are now able to get an education that is on par with the education offered by private institutions, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (BISE AJK).

There is a consistent upward trend in the number of pupils enrolling in secondary and intermediate level programmes year after year. The board faces a significant obstacle in its efforts to accommodate the growing number of pupils. The current government has provided the board with a larger education budget, and it is up to the BISE Board AJK to determine how effectively it makes use of the resources it has been given.

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