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BISE Malakand Board 12th Class Result 2023

BISE Malakand Board 12th Class Result 2023

BISE Malakand Board 12th Class Result 2023: Students who are enrolled in classes run by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Malakand (BISE Malakand) and are anticipating the release of their test scores are urged to come to this location because we have some important information to share with them.

Students have started asking persistent questions about the outcome of the 12th class in the previous several days. These pupils have been told that the result for the 12th class of the Malakand board in 2023 has been revealed on October 1 of that same year.

How to Check BISE Malakand Board 12th Class Result 2023?

Students often inquire about how to check results and what the procedure is for checking results prior to the official release of the results. Common queries include “what is the procedure for checking results?” and “how do I check my results?” Students will be able to check their results by name and also by roll number on this website, which is specifically designated for that purpose. Therefore, on the day of your result, you will be requested to come here to this website or this page in order to receive a technique of accessing the internet that is both quick and secure.

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Students will find the same hssc result schedule for this year as they did for the previous year, in which the hssc part II result will be announced first and the hssc part I result will be announced last. This year’s schedule for the 12th class final result 2023 will be identical to the schedule from the previous year.

BISE Malakand Board
Out of all of Pakistan’s educational boards, the board of intermediate and secondary education in Malakand, also known as BISE Malakand, is the only one that has been actively working for the betterment of the educational system in Malakand and any districts that are located nearby for a significant amount of time.

At the moment, the Malakand board of education is working on matters pertaining to Malakand district in addition to District Dir Lower and District Dir Upper.

After announcing the results of each school year, the board of education does not only restrict the services it provides. However, the board of education is planning on implementing a few new services in the near future. To provide one example, first and foremost, the board of education will make an announcement on the admission timetable for new pupils.

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The board of education is then involved in the processes of rechecking students’ 12th-grade papers who received lower grades, filling out 12th-grade challan forms for students who are repeating the class, and filling out hssc part 2 forms bise Malakand for both new and repeat students.

Students who are seeking for contact information for BISE Malakand may find it here, along with the full detail, by following the link that has been provided for the website of BISE Malakand.

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