BISE Peshawar Board 9th Class Result 2023

BISE Peshawar Board 9th Class Result 2023

BISE Peshawar Board 9th Class Result 2023: In 1961, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa created the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Peshawar. It is considered to be one of Pakistan’s most venerable BISE boards. Before the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established separate BISE boards for several districts within the province, the BISE board in Peshawar was the only organisation in the province that was responsible for administering exams for students in the intermediate and secondary levels of education.

At the moment, the administration of examinations in the Peshawar area falls under the purview of the BISE Board Peshawar. Peshawar BISE board has authority over the following districts: Charsadda District, Chitral District, Shabqadar, Mohmand, and Khyber, as well as Peshawar District. It is the BISE board for the KPK province, which is the parent board. The board is vested with the legislative power to organise, develop, reform, renew, re-arrange, and plan the academic and administrative policies of any and all private and public establishments that fall under its control.

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BISE Peshawar 9th Class Result 2023

On September 24, 2023, the results of the Peshawar board’s ninth-grade examination were made public.
Examinations on a massive scale have been carried out effectively and efficiently by the Peshawar board. The performance of the board has been outstanding, despite the fact that the applicants only pay the board the bare minimum in fees. There is no prejudice or unfairness in any of the outcomes or examinations that were administered by the BISE Peshawar board. The board of directors has fashioned its policies in a manner that is in line with both contemporary and global norms.

The board possesses the authority to accord and cancel the certificate of its affiliated institutes if the criteria of qualification are not met, the implementation of syllabus, awarding the deserving candidates and teachers, conducting investigations of schools, overseeing the availability of required facilities in affiliated institutes, enrollment and registration of students from jurisdiction areas, and monitoring the education quality of Intermediate and Secondary classes in the area. BISE Peshawar Board 9th Class Result 2023

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Peshawar, along with the rest of KPK, has seen an increase in its share of the national education budget thanks to Pakistan’s newly elected government. The boards of education are their own independent bodies, although they answer to the Governor of the province for all of their decisions. These autonomous bodies serve as instruments of the government to guarantee that the educational system throughout the nation is consistent. The eradication of gender imbalance in rural regions has been feasible, thanks to the development of these boards, which has made it possible to do so on a broad scale.

It is the responsibility of the boards to ensure that the educational policies of the regions that fall under their purview are crafted in a manner that would stimulate the enrolment of a greater number of students. It is the obligation of the government, in addition to providing excellent education, to eradicate extremism and illiteracy from the area via the medium of education. Peshawar district is a region that has been affected by terrorism. To this point, the KPK government has been quite successful in many of its endeavours. There has been a rise in the general literacy rate of both girls’ pupils and boys’ students.

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The BISE Board in Peshawar has a number of significant issues, one of the most significant being the educational quality disparity that exists between public and private schools. To ensure that all schools adhere to the same standards, the board has to take an active part in the process. The administration of the board has a significant amount of responsibility for monitoring the substance of the curriculum that is being taught in schools and that ought to be taught in accordance with the directions issued by the Ministry of education. The curriculum has been made more radical in rural regions because of the higher incidence of extremism and violence.

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