Boy Scouts Essay in Simple English

Boy Scouts Essay in English


Boy Scouts is a useful movement for the youth. It was founded by lord Baden Powell in 1910. It soon spread in the whole world. It is appreciated for its simple and noble objectives. A boy, wishing to become a scout is asked to take an oath. He has a keen sense of duty and loyality to God Almighty, to his country and to his people.

A boy scout has many qualities. He bears a good moral character. He enjoys a sound physical and mental health. He is always ready to help the injured, the needy and the helpless. He respects the feelings of others and always speaks gently. Moreover, a scout has the qualities of leadership. He is firm and noble in command.

He is humble and obedient. A scout learns many useful skills and crafts. He learns the use of knife and axe. He can tie various knots. He also knows how to cook food. A scout is a supporter of brotherhood and good-will among people. In peace and in distress, a boy scout shows courage, responsibility and self-confidence.

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It’s important to make the most of your first date. At the very least, the first two. This does not mean that you need to talk a lot, and tell about yourself everything that comes to mind. And don’t retell your autobiography. It is not interesting to a person you do not know yet. You need to be attentive, interesting, calm. Around calm people, others also come into a balanced state, which is especially important on first dates when everyone is nervous. The ability to listen will come in handy at the first meeting.

More listening than talking. But do not remain silent, or answer with monosyllabic answers. After all, the interlocutor may think that you are silent, and he needs to close awkward pauses. Listen to yourself, your experience and intuition. Just relax and enjoy the process. After all, you are not on an exam or an interview.

Building relationships should not stop in the early stages. It is important to always remember that you always need to work on them, even when you are very close. People change, you need to be prepared that your partner can change too. To accept or not to accept your loved one ( read also: The psychology of love: the main signs and features of a toxic relationship ) in the end, it’s your own choice. It is important to do everything constructively, calmly and be sure to listen to each other. This is how your relationship will last much longer and no one will get hurt.

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