Breakfast Short Story by John Steinbeck Summary

Breakfast Short Story Summary


The story is a faithful account of the writer’s visit to a family of cotton-pickers. He came upon this family as he was walking along a lonely road one morning. He saw a tent by the roadside. A woman carrying a baby was cooking breakfast for the family.


Two men, one young and the other old, came out of the tent. They welcomed the writer and invited him to breakfast. They looked very happy and contented with their lot. They said they were happy because they had got a cotton-picking job. They had been working in the cotton fields for the past twelve days. As they sat down to breakfast they told the writer how happy they were with their honest labor.


They offered the writer a job in the cotton fields. He was deeply impressed by the simple, honest living and hospitality of cotton-pickers.


The sudden meeting with the simple, honest family of cotton pickers became an everlasting sweet memory for the writer. It was a surprise for him because he did not know that such sincere and hospitable people existed in this society. The nice behavior and devout faith of these poor uneducated people impressed him.

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They greeted the writer and invited him to breakfast. They told him how happy they were because they had a job to do and enough to eat. They offered the writer a job in the cotton fields. Before breakfast they thanked God for His blessings and prayed to him for further blessings. The story leaves a pleasant impression on the reader’s mind.


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