Bruna Marquezine Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Bruna Marquezine Age Biography

Bruna Marquezine Age Biography: Bruna Reis Maia, often known as Bruna Marquezine, is a wonderful Brazilian actor. Her age and biography may be found here. It is widely acknowledged that her most notable performance was in the Brazilian telenovela Women in Love.

Bruna Marquezine Age

Her birthday is August 4th, 1995, and she was born in Duque de Caxias, which is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Bruna Marquezine age is [dob].

Bruna Marquezine Family:

Stats on Height, Weight, and Body Composition, Career:

She began her career at a young age by appearing in commercials and recording studios. She appeared on a programme called Gente Inocente at that time, and Márcio Garcia was the one who presented her. And her debut in the professional world came about as a result of Cininha de Paula, the head of the company, seeing her in a video in which Bruna appeared in Xuxa Only for Little Ones. Her first role was in Mulheres Apaixonadas by Manoel Carlos, which launched her acting career. In addition, she was a member of the production of Aquele Beijo in 2011, playing a big role called Miss Belezinha. In 2014, the author Manoel Carlos invited me to play the recurring character Helena in the second phase of his book Em Famlia. This was a really exciting opportunity for me. And in the third part of the book, Lois, the little daughter of the hero Helena, has a role in the show that is shown on Globo Television in the late afternoon and early evening. Her participation in Breaking Through, which was directed by Uri Singer and organised by John Swetnam, was important.

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Bruna Marquezine Movies List:

Xuxa Abracadabra (2003) (Maria) Xuxa e a Tesouro da Cidade Perdida (2004) (Manhã) Mais Uma Vez Amor (2005) (Marina) Xuxa e o Mistério de Feiurinha (2009) (Belezinha) Flordelis – Basta uma Palavra para Mudar (2009) Conquering the Obstacles (2015) (Roseli) Television: Gente Inocente (2002) (Herself) Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (2002) Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003) (Carolina Salete Machado) Xuxa Especial de Natal (2003) (Bruna) Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (2004) (Jajale) A Diarista (2004) (Bruna) América (2005) (Maria Flor) Cobras & Lagartos (2006) (Lurdes Padilha) Amazônia, de Galvez a Chico Mendes (2007) (Andressa De Souza) Carga Pesada (2007) (Aline) Desejo Proibido (2007) (Maria Augusta Mendonca) Negócio da China (2008) (Flor de Lys Silvestre) Conexão Xuxa (2008) Araguaia, (she) Herself (2010) (Teresinha) Aquele Beijo (2011) (Beleza Maria Falcão) Salve Jorge (2012) (Lurdes Maria Mendonca) Danca dos Famosos 10 (2013) (Herself) Em Família (2014) (Luiza Fernandes Machado) I Love Paraisópolis (2015) (Marizete da Silva Antunes) Nada Será Como Antes (2016) (Beatriz) Deus Salve o Rei (2018) Awards given out by the Catherine of Lurton Foundation: the Melhores do Ano Awards Troféu Imprensa Awards Maria Clara de Teatro Awards Prêmio Conta Mais Awards Net Worth of the ABL Awards and the Flor in Negócio da China Awards: As of the year 2021, it is estimated that Bruna Marquezine has a net worth of three million dollars.

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