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What is Centrifugal Force in Physics

Centrifugal Force in Physics




A force supposed to act radically outward on a body moving in a curve is known as centrifugal force.




Centrifugal force is actually a reaction to the centripetal force. It is a well-known a fact that Fc is directed towards the centre of the circle, so the centrifugal force, which is a force of reaction, is directed away from the centre of the circle or the curved path.


According To Newton’s Third law of motion action and reaction do not act on the same body, so the centrifugal force does not act on the body moving round a circle, but it acts on the body that provides Fc.




  1. If a stone is tied to one end of a string and it is moved round a circle, then the force exerted on the string on outward direction is called centrifugal force.


  1. The airplane moving in a circle exerts force in a direction opposite to the pressure of air.
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  1. When a Train rounds a curve, the centrifugal force is also exerted on the track.


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