Cerina Vincent Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Cerina Vincent Age Biography

Cerina Vincent Age Biography: Cerina Vincent is a well-known American actress and writer. Her age and biography are provided here.

Cerina Vincent Age

Her birthday is February 7th, 1979, and she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. Her performance in the television programme Power Rangers Lost Galaxy has garnered her much praise.

Cerina Vincent Early Employment / Educational Background

Also a graduate of Durango High School, Vincent transferred to Los Angeles and attended Marymount College on a scholarship after completing her high school studies. In the time she had between courses, she participated in auditions, and as a result, she landed a few plugs and a role on the USA Network show USA High.

Cerina Vincent Family:

Cerina Vincent Age Biography, Stats on Height, Weight & Career:

Fear Runs Silent was Vincent’s debut appearance in the film industry, and it starred Billy Dee Williams. The film was a spine chiller and was released directly to video. The television show Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was where Vincent made his debut in a big part. Cabin Fever, rated R for blood and gore, was released in 2003 and starred Vincent. The movie showcased a chunk of her most notable film minutes, including her “leg-shaving” scene as well as the “plane crash” temptation and sexual moment. There were topless sequences in the movie, as well as two sexual encounters involving two different characters. In 2007, she had appearances in the television movies “Manchild” and “Wifey,” as well as “Return to House on Haunted Hill.” In 2008, she made appearances in the films Toxic and Fashion Victim, as well as the online short film Just Add Water, in which she played the role of The Mrs. In addition, she appeared in the original movie “The Thanksgiving House” that was shown on the Hallmark Channel. The most recent exhibits recall Vincent’s main role in the component film spine chiller “The Work Wife” (2018) as well as a segment in the Lifetime TV film “My Daughter’s Psycho Friend” (2020).

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Cerina Vincent Movies List:

Fear Runs Silent (1999) (1999) (June) Not Another One of Those Teen Movies! (2001) (Areola) Darkened Room (2002) A case of the cabin fever (2002) (Marcy) Final Sale (2004) (Cerina) Murder-Set-Pieces (2004) (2004) (L.A. Girl) Intermedio (2005) (2005) Conversations with Other Women of the Generation (2005) It Holds Out (2005) (Danielle “Danny” St. Claire) The King of Surfers (2006) (Tiffany) Seven Ancient Egyptians (2006) (Lacy) Mountain of the Sasquatch (2006) (Erin Price) Pennies (2006) (2006) (Kimberly) Visit the House on Haunted Hill once again (2007) Everyone Has a Dream of Living in Italy (2007) (Marisa Costa) Toxic (2008) (2008) (Malvi) Simply Include Some Water (2008) (The Mrs.) Victim of the Fashion Industry (2008) (Reporter for TV) United Monster Talent Agency, sometimes known as UMTA (2010) (Kay) Complacent (2012) (2012) (Written by Myah Sanderson) In Search of Happiness (2012) (Andrea) MoniKa (2012) The Thanksgiving House, for (Monika) (2013) (Ashleigh) Nightmare on Skype (2013) (Alison) Tag (2015) (Christine) Strange occurrences in nature (2015) (Daisy) Some Spooky Stories from Halloween (2015) (Written by Ella Bishop) Fragmented Recollections (2017) The Wife of a Workaholic (Sara) (2018) (Jen) The Mentally Deranged Friend of My Daughter (2020) Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies is a book written by Melissa (2020) Power Rangers, as seen on television Unclothed from the film “Lost Galaxy” (1999) (2000) Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue featuring (Kitty) (2000) (Yellow Galaxy Ranger) Son of the Beach (Ranger of the Yellow Galaxy) (2000-2002) (City Guys) Sorority and Fraternity Girls (2001) Malcolm in the Middle starring (Nicole) (2001) Carly Comes in Last Place (2001) Felicity, also known as (Sorority Girl Cindy) (2001) (Denise Jensen) Ally McBeal (2002) (Penny) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2005) (Gwen) Palmetto Pointe (2005) (Party Girl) Sexuality, Romance, and Confidential Matters (2005) (Party Girl) Getting Her Life Together (2005) The bones of (Heather) (2006) (Denise) Manchild (2007) (Nina) Grasping At Straws (2007) (Tracy) Wifey (2007) Two and a Half Men, starring (Goldie) (2008) (LuLu) Gary is single and not married (2009) (Miss St. James) Zombie Family (2012) (The Cindy Apple Show) Mike & Molly (2012) Desri, also known as The Dress The Walking Dead: Cold Storage (2012-13) Workaholics, according to Kelly (2014) (Laura) Californication (2014) (Lisa) Jennifer Falls (2014) (Caroline) Stay Dirty, California (2015) Stuck in the Middle of Everything (2016-18) (Suzy Diaz) Horrific Conclusions (2017) (Becky) NCIS: Los Angeles (2019) (Lucy Garcia)

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Cerina Vincent Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Cerina Vincent will have a net worth of $2 Million American Dollars.

Life After Marriage:

In 2018, Vincent revealed that she was expecting her first child, which she would be having with her long-term partner Mike Estes. This child would be their first child together. Additionally, her kid was born in the month of February in 2019.

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