Character Sketch of Smirnov in the Play The Bear

Character Sketch of Smirnov


Smirnov is a middle-aged landlord. He is a very intelligent and clever man. He knows how to make his way in the world. He knows the psychology of a woman. That is why he is not disturbed by the hostile attitude of popova. He knows how to handle her.


Smirnov has no respect for others. He openly condemns Popova’s husband. He does not mind speaking indecently about the dead man. His conversation with Popova is not polite. He seems to have no manners. But actually he is very clever.


He wants to achieve his object. And he knows that is the best way to achieve it. Woman likes a bold and outspoken man. So Smirnov deals with her, as Smirnov is a man of the world and a businessman. He is very much like the heroes of Bernard Shaw.


The delightful humour of speech and action in the play owes its origin to the odd speech and manners of Smirnov. Even in a furious mood, his speech carries a note of humour, because his fury is the fury of a foolish man. We cannot help smiling at his irritation.

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Smirnov behaves like a fool but he is not really a fool. He is rather a shrewd businessman who pretends to be a rude intruding fool. Popova is really taken in by his trick. He knows that she will fall for it. She pretends to be angry but in fact she likes the bold manner of Smirnov. So we see that Smirnov succeeds in his purpose.


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