Character Sketch of Wolf in Something to Talk About

Character Sketch of Wolf


Wolf is the central figure of the play around which all events take place. We do not know his real name. He is notorious by the title of the Wolf. He is a great burglar of England “The Terror of England” exclaims Lady Redchester, very rightly when she recognizes him.


He is so well known that even Lord Redchester exclaims, “The wolf comes to our little place! Surely not! Some imposter pretending to be the Wolf”. And when he becomes sure about the identity of the wolf, he says, “Glad to know you” and shakes hands with him.


Wolf appears in the library of Tudor Redchester at 3‟O’clock on Christmas morning, wearing tight-fitting suit, a cap on his head, a black mask over his eyes. He carries an electric torch in one had and a bag in the other hand.


He lets the torch travel over the room and finds the safe. Wolf is an expert at opening the safes. No safe is „safe‟ from him. He is well known for opening the safe within in no time. He is fumbling with the safe, when Mr. Sydney comes into the library.

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He orders him to „hands up‟. He asks Sydney if he knows the password of this safe. He is told that only his father knows it and it contains valuable gifts of Christmas. He is amazed at the information, given by Mr. Sydney. Wolf has exact information about everything, especially about the safe. He claims himself before Lord Redchester.



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