What are the Characteristics of Class Amphibia

Characteristics of Class Amphibia


  1. i) Members of this class are called amphibians.


  1. ii) Their bodies are covered with thin and lose skin. This skin is moist and slimy.


iii) Small teeth are present in upper jaw, which are used for grasping.


  1. iv) Lungs are present, which help it to respire.


  1. v) Eggs are laid in water or moist places.


  1. vi) These are cold-blooded animals. They cannot maintain their body temperature as per environment.


vii) In extreme hot season frog bury itself in the mud and becomes immovable. This process is called estivation.


viii) Metamorphosis process is obeyed for reproduction. In which following step are faced: Egg-Lava-Pupa-Adult


  1. ix) Their common examples are frog, toad, salamander, newt, and mud





Example (Frog):


  1. i) Its scientific name is Rana tigrina.


  1. ii) Its skin is moist and slimy.


iii) Dorsal body surface is green and ventral side is yellowish.

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  1. iv) Tow protruding eyes with eyelids are present.


  1. v) A protecting transparent membrane is present on eye.


  1. vi) Hind limbs are powerful and long which help frog to swim and hop.


vii) Smallest frog is found in Brazil. Its size is less than 1 cm.


viii) World largest frog was found in South Africa. Its body length is upto 30 cm.


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