Best Beaches in Turkey



Best Beaches in Turkey : Turkey has many beaches that are in no way inferior to Spanish and Greek ones. Sandy, pebbly, mixed, with infrastructure and wild, ideal for a photo or quiet contemplation – there are a lot of places for every mood and need. In this article, we have collected our personal rating of top Turkish beaches with a small overview.

Turkey Beaches

Lara Beach, Antalya

Spacious sandy beach with a wide strip for relaxation and sunbathing. Some areas belong to hotels, others are public. There are no fences, which makes the visual picture even more attractive. Mountain ranges can be seen in the distance, which in spring are still covered with snow tops.

The coastline with a length of 10 km is located in the eastern part of Antalya. It is a large number of different beaches stretching along the coast. The visit is free, but in some places you may be asked to buy a drink from a cafe or bar. The entrance to the water is gentle, calm and soft.

There are also public transport stops, hotels, restaurants and everything you need for a comfortable stay. By the way, the beach is annually awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety, so it’s definitely worth visiting at least once.

The beach regularly hosts an exhibition of Sandland sand figures. This international sculpture festival is an interesting and unusual sight. The ticket price for an adult is 20 liras, for a child from 3 to 12 years old – 10 liras, children under 3 years old – attend the event for free. Water sports are also present here: scooter, banana, diving, catamaran, canoe, tablet and surfing are at your service. Children can jump on inflatable trampolines.

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

A wide 3 km long beach with coarse golden sand and a sea of ​​deep emerald shades is located in the western part of Alanya. From the east, the beach is limited by a picturesque rock on which the fortress stands. The landscape for the best photos in a swimsuit is amazing!

The beach belongs to the city limits, so the visit is free. This causes a stir – in the high season it is difficult to push through here, but it’s worth it. For the most part, the entrance to the water is gentle, but sometimes you can find concrete slabs with not the smoothest joints.

The beach itself is divided into 22 sections: the first and sixth sections do not have plates and are absolutely safe for a comfortable stay with children. Enter through the main entrance and stay nearby – you won’t regret it. Toward evening, luminous fountains begin to work here with fabulous shows and cheerful music.

From water activities: catamaran, canoe, water skiing, banana, jet ski, tablet and so on. And you can also order a water excursion or visit the water park, which is located very close – both adults and kids will not be bored.

Blue Lagoon Beach, Oludeniz

The picturesque coast is located in a natural lagoon, which is combined with the sea through a small strait. If you have never gone paragliding, this is the place to try. Landscapes of the Blue Lagoon can often be found in advertising, because the best way to attract a tourist is to interest him in something truly unique. So, this is it – a unique place of incredible beauty! It is also quiet, but it will be even calmer in the off-season: in April or October.

The sand is white, without pebbles and debris – in no way inferior to the beaches of the Dominican Republic. The water is clear and turquoise. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which is very comfortable on vacation with children. A visit to the beach is paid and will cost you 7 lire – umbrellas, tables and everything you need will also have to be paid, but it’s worth it!

The infrastructure of the beach is well developed – there are many cafes, eateries and bars. In addition, water activities are available – catamarans, canoes, snorkeling. Equipment can be rented.

Mermerli Beach, Antalya

Small in size, but very comfortable place. It is considered one of the first beaches in Antalya. It is located in the center of the Old Town, in the Kaleiçi quarter. Now it is part of the territory of the Mermerli restaurant of the same name.

A great option if you want to retire, and not push through the crowds of tourists. The entrance to the sea is gentle and sandy – great for families with children. There are practically no waves here, so surfing is unlikely to succeed. But this is easily compensated by the safety, cleanliness and its own source of cold mountain water.

Sunbeds, umbrellas and towels are free. It is possible to order food and drinks from the restaurant directly to the beach. The entrance will cost 40 lire, children under 5 years old are free. Buying a ticket includes the possibility of visiting the beach twice, which is very convenient if your hotel is close to a restaurant. Nearby is a very cozy park where you can relax from the seasonal heat.

The area itself is interesting for cultural and historical objects of past eras: the Ottomans, the Romans, the Byzantines. Many places of those times have become hotels and inns, and some have retained their originality and uniqueness, such as the Clock Tower and the Yivli Minaret. And in the port you can book yacht trips – an unforgettable experience!

Central Beach of Kemer

Mountains immersed in greenery are the hallmark of Kemer. The chic landscapes of the slopes are perfectly combined with the serene blue sea and colorful pebbles, so the city beach is always crowded and fun.

The beach itself is mostly pebbly and equipped with all necessary amenities. Recreation areas are divided between hotels – sun loungers are free for guests, but for casual guests – amenities are paid.

There is a beautiful embankment, yacht parking, and a lot of entertainment: catamarans, bananas, jet skis. The entrance is gentle, but the depth begins to be felt after a couple of meters – add pebbles to this and the process can cause discomfort to small tourists.

To the south is a harbor with sightseeing boats: at your disposal are water transport from simple boats to luxury yachts.

Beach at Salda Lake, Burdur

Lake Salda is a unique Turkish attraction. This place is often called the local Maldives, which already arouses interest to come, see and feel this branch of paradise in beloved Turkey.

The beach of the lake is famous for its standard cleanliness. And the highlight of the program is hydromagnesite, which here replaces sand and saturates the water of the lake. It just gives “maldivism” to the local landscapes.

It is not recommended to relax here with children, as the lake is very deep. The entrance to the sea is thorny and full of obstacles – you need to overcome a 10-meter stretch of viscous clay, which is often used for medicinal purposes.

For tourists, this place became available not so long ago, which explains the lack of a well-developed infrastructure. Part of the beach is equipped to a minimum – sunbeds and umbrellas. There are several simple cafes on the coast. Often a visit to Lake Salda is included in the excursion program with visits to other attractions. The entrance fee depends on the excursion you choose.


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