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Tours to Italy 2023. Traveling through the country of eternal sun, sea and unique cultural heritage

Every year, thousands of tourists choose Italy as their destination for a vacation, honeymoon, romantic getaway, wellness or family vacation. Italy beckons, attracts, fascinates. If you have visited Italy at least once, it will forever remain in your heart. For those who are just planning a trip, we will tell you about tours to Italy, the best prices and choosing the perfect destination.

Where is the best place to go on vacation? To Italy!

Italy boasts a rich history and culture, picturesque landscapes and a pleasant climate. This is a country of exquisite dishes and wines, high fashion and luxury seaside holidays. Everyone here finds something special for themselves: some go to taste Italy, others – for the warm sun and sea, others – for the beauty of nature, mountains and lakes, fourths are eager to plunge into the greatest past of this extraordinary country, fifths – for mediterranean wellness. Therefore, choosing Italy, in any case, you will not lose and get a whole range of positive emotions and vivid impressions. Italy is a fairy tale that can become your reality.

Excursion tours to Italy

But which tour to choose depends on your preferences. Today, companies offer a great variety of options. One of the most popular types of tours to Italy is sightseeing tours. And this is not surprising, because this is a country with a rich historical heritage, great culture and many traditions. Sightseeing tours to Italy, as a rule, are very rich, but in a short time you have time to see all the most important and interesting things.

If you have little time, choose weekend tours. In 2-4 days you will completely immerse yourself in an exciting journey, disconnect from current affairs, recharge with the energy of the sun. If time permits, it is better to choose weekly tours – so you will have more opportunity to relax, you will have time to fully enjoy all the beauties of Italy.

For travel, you can choose individual cities (for example, Venice, Milan, Florence), or you can combine visits to several cities or even countries in one trip. Say, in one week you can visit Italy and Switzerland, or cover the best and brightest Italian cities – Rimini, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Siena, Rome, Naples, Pompeii and San Marino. Sounds tempting, right?

Sightseeing tours also differ in the means of transportation. Bus tours to Italy take a lot of time that you could spend on vacation, and sometimes they are not much cheaper than air travel tours. In addition, you have to spend a lot of time in one position, and getting enough sleep on buses is completely impossible. As a last resort, choose bus tours without night crossings – they are not so tiring.

A more comfortable travel option is when you arrive in Italy itself by plane or by train, and travel around the country by land transport. Of course, by plane is faster than by train, but also more expensive. Here the choice is yours. If you do not like to fly, then a train tour to Italy will be an ideal option for you. The Moscow-Nice train, whose intermediate points are Verona, Genoa, Milan and San Remo, departs from Moscow on Thursdays and Saturdays. But keep in mind that the train journey takes almost 50 hours, which is not always convenient in conditions of limited vacation time.

Tours to Italy at sea

The Italian peninsula is washed by three seas at once – the Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian. Pleasant Mediterranean climate, clear sea, mild sun make Italy one of the most attractive countries for a beach holiday.

Italian beaches are mostly municipal, but they can be rented to private individuals. The cleanliness of the beaches is carefully monitored. Please note that you have to pay for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas. Most often you can find pebble beaches, the best sandy ones are in Sardinia and Puglia. Sandy beaches can also be found in Lido di Esolo and in Rimini.

The most popular Italian resorts are Sicily, Liguria, the Adriatic Riviera. Sicily has stunning views, and every corner of this region has an Italian flair. The Ligurian coast is famous for its respectability – it, by the way, is often visited by celebrities. The Adriatic is more affordable. If you dream of a relaxing holiday, go to Cattolica, if, on the contrary, you love fun – welcome to Riccione.

Health and medical tours

If you run away from stress, then, undoubtedly, to Italy! Thermal resorts and some of the best SPA centers in the world are located here. A wellness tour to Italy will allow you to gain strength and recharge your batteries, improve your health and relieve stress.

The oldest thermal complex is located in Abano Terme. This well-known balneological resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory organs, but also those who have skin problems and venous disorders come here. The mineral springs of Abano Terme contain bromine, iodine, magnesium, and the resort is also famous for its therapeutic mud, which is unique in Europe. They have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Another popular resort – Fiuggi – is located between Rome and Naples. This is a famous thermal health resort. Mineral water is produced here, which has no analogues in the whole world. It is indispensable in the treatment of urolithiasis. The beneficial properties of water were experienced by Pope Boniface VIII in the 13th century, and then by Michelangelo and other prominent people not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. By the 19th century, there was already a world-famous resort here.

Now, in terms of the number of hotels, Fiuggi is perhaps second only to Rome, despite the fact that the population of the town barely exceeds 10,000 people. Urology and otolaryngology centers have been built near the most famous springs, Fonte Bonifacio VIII and Fonte Anticolana. The healing properties of the “living” water of Fiuggi have been scientifically proven by studies of the National Health Service of Italy.

The duration of medical tours is from 7 to 21 days. The longer the treatment is carried out, the more complete your recovery will be. But you can easily combine a medical tour with a beach holiday and excursions and visit the thermal springs to rejuvenate and relieve stress. If you went on a trip during the “hot” season, it would be a reasonable decision to stay in one of the hotels of the same Fiuggi, leaving from there on excursions to Rome, Naples, Florence, etc. The cost of living and food here will be an order of magnitude lower than in the capital, but, most importantly, here you will not be bothered by the heat. You can get to Rome by bus or electric train in less than an hour. Ticket price – up to 10 euros.

Ski tours

The mountains of Italy attract tourists in the same way as its history, nature or baths. In this, Italy confidently competes with Austria and Switzerland, because the Alps are located on its territory. Here you will find more than a thousand kilometers of mountain trails and slopes, a developed modern infrastructure and European service.

The most popular resorts among fans of winter holidays are Cervinia (here you can ride even in summer – on the glacier), Madonna di Campiglio (suitable for beginners), Piedmont, Lombardy (this is where international winter sports competitions are held), the Dolomites (included in the World heritage of UNESCO).

Prices for ski tours start from 500 euros and depend on the chosen direction, length of stay and living conditions.

Gastronomic Tours

Italy is one of the few countries worth visiting even just to enjoy the taste of food. It is here that you will find culinary masterpieces and a variety of delicious dishes. This is a true gourmet paradise!

This is why gastronomic tours have become so popular in recent years: people go to Italy to learn how to cook, learn the secrets of amazing cuisine and collect old recipes. Having visited such a tour, you will see that Italy is not only pizza and pasta. A delicious journey will give you the opportunity to comprehend the secrets of cooking under the guidance of an experienced chef (such a tour is called a culinary tour), tasting dishes and wines from different regions.

Gastronomic tours last from several days, and to become a member of them it is not at all necessary to be a chef. The main difficulty awaits you only when choosing a region: would you like to get acquainted with Sicilian traditions or learn the culinary secrets of Umbria, “taste” Florence or Naples – in each place you will find unforgettable impressions that you can then reproduce with special magic on your kitchen.

Shopping tours to Italy

And finally, what is a trip to Italy without shopping? It was in Italy that the famous brands Prada, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and others were born. This country knows a lot about fashion! Here you can buy high quality items and at quite reasonable prices (sometimes they are several times lower than in Moscow). During shopping tours, you visit shopping centers, outlets, designer stores and boutiques, wholesale warehouses, get the opportunity to buy factory-made clothes and accessories, or go shopping during sales. Even with travel expenses, you can save up to 70%.

The most popular shopping tours are organized, of course, in the capital of fashion – Milan, as well as in Rome, Rimini, Naples, Florence. However, in almost every major city in Italy you can make a successful shopping, so shopping should definitely be included in the program of any vacation, even if you did not choose a shopping tour.

The cost of tours to Italy: what can you save on?

The cost of sightseeing tours to Italy starts from 350 dollar per person, shopping tours – from 250 dollars, beach holidays are a little more expensive – from 370 dollars, although if you wish, you can find options for 250-300 dollar (though more often this price does not include any services that will need to be paid separately). You can go to a health resort by paying 250 dollar or more. Ski tours are considered the most expensive – as a rule, the cost here reaches 650 dollar or more for 7 nights.

You can win in price by choosing the time of the low season, inexpensive hotels (by the way, in Italy, as in most of Europe, hotels even with a level of 2-3 stars are quite comfortable), buying package tours. You can count on good discounts for early bookings. Going shopping, remember that you can apply for tax free and return up to 22% of the value of the goods.

What else can you save on while traveling?

choose a hotel or inn where breakfast will be included in the price. It will be cheaper than eating in a cafe;
take an empty bottle and, as needed, fill it from special fountains – the water here is clean and drinkable;
tickets for trains or museums can be purchased in advance – online. It is also beneficial to use the audio guide.
Another way to save money when buying tours is to contact the tour operator directly. He will be able to offer better prices, since cooperation with airlines and hotels allows you to make good discounts.


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