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travel to austria europe

We have compile a list of Pros & Cons of Travel to Europe. Let’s take a look into it.

Travel to Austria

The best time to travel to austria is late spring or early autumn. At this time, the ski resorts are the most prepared and lively, and the landscapes appear in all their glory. But if you want warmth, then go here in the summer.
The Austrian people are quite hospitable, but still in this state it is customary to keep a distance. Even acquaintances and friends do not get too close to each other.


  • Excellent cuisine
  • Huge number of attractions
  • The largest resorts (they are mainly ski resorts) and interesting cities:
  •  Carinthia. There are about 60 thermal springs.
  •  Thermal Upper Austria and Lower Austria.
  •  Tyrol. There are many thermal springs and stunningly beautiful places.
  •  Salzburg. Here you can heal not only the body, but also the soul.
  •  Styria. This place is famous for its mild climate and gorgeous scenery.
  •  San Anton is a ski resort with a well-developed infrastructure.
  •  Mayrhofen. There are only ski slopes, but also various entertainments for young people, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas and even nightclubs.
  •  Lech is one of the most prestigious ski resorts.
  •  Zell am See. This resort is located on the lake, so it’s incredibly beautiful.
  •  Be sure to visit Vienna, there are a lot of interesting and surprising things.


  • You can’t catch a taxi right on the street – you can “vote” even until you are blue in the face, no one will stop.
  • When traveling long distances, it is better to negotiate the price with the driver in advance.
  • The main dangers lie in wait for tourists planning an acquaintance with Austrian nature.
  • The first and most frequent is the descent of landslides and avalanches in mountainous areas. You should not panic: the main thing is to listen to the advice of ski resort employees and stay in safe areas, because the tracks and villages are built in such a way as to protect tourists as much as possible.
  • Ticks are sometimes found in the forests, but elementary precautions are enough to protect against unpleasant consequences: closed shoes and tight clothing.
  • Difficulties with parking in large cities
  • High food prices
  • Shops are closed on holidays and weekends

travel to austria europe

Travel to Belarus


  • Low prices
  • Various attractions
  • The capital of Belarus entered the top three cleanest cities
  • Gasoline is better and cheaper


  • Low level of tourism infrastructure development
  • More than 25% of the country’s territory is in the zone of radioactive contamination, so you need to be careful about the products you use.

Travel to Belgium


  • High level of development
  • Interesting monuments of the Middle Ages
  • A varied holiday for every taste
  • Quality medical care
  • Belgian cuisine is famous for its quality products. Belgium, first of all, became famous thanks to beer, chocolate, french fries.


  • High prices
  • Possible petty theft in crowded places
  • Muslim dominance

travel to europe belgium

Travel to Bulgaria


  • Bulgarians are very hospitable people. They are very smiling, friendly, happy to make contact with tourists, very cheerful.
  • Getting to the coast of Bulgaria is relatively short. You can travel by train, fly by plane, many come in their own cars.
  • The choice of accommodation is quite wide. Hotels range from three to five star. You can rent an apartment.
  • Good sandy beaches, clean, which is important. Every evening, a sweeper drives along the beach and collects garbage.
  • The food is very varied, but at the same time not so exotic that, having tried something, spoil your vacation.
  • Bulgarians offer national cuisine, there is also European. Food prices are more than affordable, portions are huge.
  • Everywhere there are boxes with pies, hot corn, pizza, shish kebab is fried.
  • Bulgaria is a country with a low standard of living and the prices for the services and goods provided here are pleasantly surprising. It is worth noting very cheap alcohol, household goods, cosmetics.
  • The abundance of tourists from the CIS countries. If for some reason a person flew to rest alone, then finding a company will not be difficult.
  • The coast is very shallow. This is a significant bonus for families with children.
  • Bulgaria has a very developed system of hospitals and sanatoriums. Treatment is practiced with clay, mud, algae.
    Variety of natural landscapes. In addition to the sea, tourists can admire the greenery of forests and beautiful mountain landscapes.
  • Holidays in Bulgaria can afford a person even with a low income.


  • A lot of drunk and not very adequate youth, both ours and foreign.
  • Often, after a storm, a lot of jellyfish and some unknown midges wash up to the shore, which bite their legs in the water. Also, the abundance of algae greatly confuses vacationers. And no one wants to remove it.
  • You will not be able to enjoy delicious seafood. Basically, Bulgarians offer river fish.
  • Overly intrusive service. Near each restaurant there is a person and very actively offers to go to them and try delicious food. Massages are often advertised on the beach, and they are far from professionals, so this type of leisure can be harmful.
  • Although Bulgaria is considered a good option for a family holiday, there are not enough children’s entertainments.
  • There is a water park, a children’s golf club, an amusement park and animation in the hotel.
  • Bulgaria has a very low driving culture, so you need to be extremely careful, especially those who come with children.
    Taxi is extremely expensive, it is cheaper to rent a car.
  • Service in Bulgaria is incomparable with European, so those who are counting on an elite vacation, it is better to look for another place.
  • The list of sightseeing tours in Bulgaria is somewhat boring. It is proposed to go to the Bulgarian village, watch a dance on the coals, try the national vodka. Another entertainment is diving. It is expensive, and there is practically nothing to see on the Black Sea, since exotic fish do not live there, and there are no picturesque reefs.
  • Bulgaria has a very specific airport. In addition to the fact that it smells bad there, there are huge queues at the inspection point. Things are checked very carefully. You will have to pay extra for a small load. Check very slowly.

Travel to Hungary 2023


  • Cozy streets and ancient architecture. This is the first, main and undeniable reason. Fairy castles and palaces. There are quite a lot of old and interesting buildings on the territory of Bratislava.
  • A large number of temples and churches only confirm the antiquity of the city and the versatility of religions. There are more than 20 temples in the capital.
  • Small number of tourists. People often come to Bratislava to relax from the hustle and bustle of other cities. It is always calm here and not too crowded.
  • Good location. Vienna, Prague, Budapest – such a neighborhood allows, if desired, to go to a nearby no less beautiful city. Moreover, transport links are excellent.
  • Purity and simplicity. The city is not only beautiful, but also quite neat. This is especially noticeable in the station area, which cannot but rejoice.
  • Easy to get to. A fast way to the intended goal is an extremely important indicator. Both stations are located next to each other and not far from the center.
  • Cheap public transport and benefits. The prices here are not cheap, but inexpensive public transport. And museum workers willingly agree to benefits even for foreigners and without the relevant documents confirming this. As they say: in our house they believe in a word.
  • Free toilets. The thing is that they don’t look at tourists with sidelong glances and don’t lock the door with a key in the toilets of cafes and restaurants. You can simply use them during a walk if you have not found a public one. And this is considered normal.


  • More interesting places. In the neighborhood of the capital of Slovakia are Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic,
  • Poland – countries with magnificent architecture and a long history. And if we compare
  • Bratislava is not always in a winning position.
  • High prices. The capital of Slovakia, although friendly, is not the cheapest. The cost of transfers, hotel rooms, as well as food prices, leave much to be desired here. For the same reason, shopping in the city is not profitable.
  • Not a very pretty sight. The authorities of the city are not particularly eager to fill it with tourists.
  • Dirty outskirts. Near the main attractions and at train stations, conscientious police guards order and cleanliness.
  • But, if you break away from the tour plan and wander into an ordinary courtyard, then unpleasant pictures may open up to your eyes. Peeling plaster, nasty resemblances of graffiti on the walls, holes in the asphalt – this is the other side of Bratislava.
  • Beggars. There are quite a lot of unpleasant people in the city who are trying to beg for money, sometimes even very persistently with attempts to grab hands. Alas, this is unpleasant, but, unfortunately, this is a problem not only for
  • Slovakia, but, probably, for all countries and their capitals.
  • Just not in winter. Humid Slovak climate, in the cold season, does not play into the hands of travelers. Frost and strong wind from the Danube will not allow you to enjoy a walk and explore interesting places.
  • For a day. Slovakia is an interesting but small country. The size of the former capital of the Kingdom of Hungary is also not so large in comparison with others. Therefore, all the sights can be seen in 1-2 days. Those who come for a long time may become bored.

Travel to Germany


  • Rich history of the country
  • High level of service
  • Quality family vacation.


High prices.

  • It is very expensive in the country to travel both by public transport and by personal, since gasoline costs a lot there.
  • Tasteless food – sausages, fruits and vegetables, do not have such a bright and rich taste, because most people try to buy products that are not produced in the food industry, but grown on farms, but they have a higher cost, which a tourist cannot always afford

Travel to Greece


  • Greece is the “cradle of civilization”. For this reason, even small villages have their own attractions. Every tourist can be convinced that Greece has a unique cultural potential and ancient architecture.
  • Excursion routes in Greece are designed with the convenience and comfort of vacationers in mind.
  • Greece has a long coastline. Gorgeous sandy beaches help tourists to enjoy their stay and appreciate the warm sun, unity with nature.
  • Greece has clean seas and beaches. This is confirmed by the fact that many beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag, which is awarded to beaches and water bodies that meet high standards of quality and safety for bathing.
  • Indigenous people are distinguished by special hospitality. You can count on the fact that, if necessary, assistance will be provided, as a result of which a way out of even the most difficult situations can be found.
  • Many Greek hotels have international awards that confirm the quality of services provided. The high level of comfort contributes to the fact that vacationers can fully relax and enjoy long-awaited vacations. Many hotels have animation children’s clubs, so even families can escape from the cycle of everyday life and visit Greece.
  • A rich assortment in local stores and affordable prices make shopping truly enjoyable.
  • Versatile recreation allows tourists to enjoy the excursion program, active marine entertainment, visiting restaurants with Greek cuisine, improving the emotional and physical condition in the SPA centers at hotels.


  • The absence of signs in English on the signs. This trend can be traced in all public places, so there is some discomfort.
  • In summer, cafes and shops are closed for a siesta, which falls between 14.00 and 17.00. As a result, it is necessary to understand how best to plan your pastime in order to have time to complete everything.
  • Medical services are always provided on a paid basis. For this reason, it is advisable to stock up on medicines and take care of the prevention of diseases, be especially careful.

Travel to Denmark


  • High level of economic development of the country
  • The richest history and culture of the country
  • Mass of attractions
  • Diverse rest
  • In order to comfortably move around the city, in Denmark it is absolutely not necessary to own a car. For this purpose, a bicycle will do just fine, and there are excellent conditions for cyclists in the country.
  • The Danes are very friendly and benevolent people.


  • High prices
  • The weather in Denmark can hardly be called ideal, it is rather “an amateur”. Here, the hot sun will definitely not pester, the air temperature will remain at an average mark of ten to twenty degrees in the warm season. But it rains here very often and, most importantly, unexpectedly.
  • The peculiar mentality of the Danes.

Travel to Iceland


  • Excellent ecology
  • picturesque nature
  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Stability, security and a high standard of living
  • The friendliness of the locals


  • Cold windy climate
  • High prices
  • There are few events on the island.

Travel to Spain


  • Diverse rest
  • Favorable warm climate
  • Interesting excursions
  • This is a country with a fairly high standard of living.
  • Almost everywhere the roads are excellent and, which is especially nice, free.
  • Prices are relatively low, and their ratio with quality is beyond praise.
  • Spain is considered one of the most peaceful countries. True, theft is common closer to tourist areas.
  • From here you can easily and cheaply travel around Europe with airlines called low-cost airlines.
  • Here they love holidays and know how to have fun, so there are plenty of fiestas, carnivals and other celebrations.
  • There are absolutely no ticks in this country.


  • Noisy as the locals stay up late and loud music can play until 2-3 am.

Travel to Italy


  • Diverse rest
  • Favorable warm Mediterranean climate
  • Rich history of the country
  • Tasty food


  • High prices
  • Huge number of tourists during high season

Travel to Latvia


  • Most of the population speaks excellent Russian
  • Proximity
  • Lots of attractions
  • Interesting history country
  • Good ecology and natural products.


  • Latvia is a member of the Schengen Agreement – you need a visa to enter its territory
  • High humidity
  • Strong winds blow
  • Basically, it’s cold.

Travel to Lithuania


  • Low prices
  • Proximity
  • Interesting excursion program
  • Favorable climate.


  • The need for a Schengen visa
  • Relatively short sailing season
  • Lots of tourists.

Travel to Poland


  • Proximity
  • The climate is very comfortable – quite mild, the summer is not hot here, and the winter is not severe.
  • Diverse excursion program
  • Beautiful nature, virgin forests and clear rivers
  • Delicious food, natural and very inexpensive.
  • Many monuments


  • Visa entry
  • Relatively high crime rate
  • Unstable and rather low standard of living
  • Very expensive petrol.
  • A large number of refugees from various disadvantaged countries
  • Quite a lot of dirt on the streets. Even in Warsaw. And Krakow is recognized as one of the most ecologically polluted cities in the European Union.

Travel to Finland


  • Proximity
  • Diverse rest
  • A huge number of monuments and historical attractions
  • High standard of living of the population.
  • “Land of a Thousand Lakes” Clean ecology.


  • Difficult climate.
  • Isolation of people, their mentality.
  • Visa entry
  • High prices

Travel to France


  • Lots of options for recreation
  • highly developed country in Europe
  • Huge excursion program
  • Favorable climate and beautiful scenery


  • Visa entry
  • High prices
  • Difficulties with the purchase of even the most harmless medicines. It is important to note that 80 – 90 drugs are available only on prescription, so it is not so easy to buy them –
    there are dangerous areas with a high crime rate.

Travel to Czech


  • Diverse excursion program
  • Exquisite ancient architecture
  • Holidays all year round
  • Proximity
  • Low crime rate.
  • Ecology. Czechs closely monitor the ecology and cleanliness of the environment. This, in our time, an important factor, is a significant plus of living in the country.
  • The developed infrastructure allows you to comfortably move around the country by any type of transport, and also provides free movement for people with disabilities.


  • Visa entry
  • High levels of air pollution, especially areas of Bohemia and Silesia
  • Unstable climate.
  • Expensive mobile communications and gasoline

Travel to Switzerland


  • Diverse rest
  • Quality service
  • Lots of attractions
  • Excellent ecology
  • picturesque nature
  • Low crime rate


  • Visa entry
  • Expensive vacation
  • Sweden

Travel to Sweden


  1. Diverse excursion program
  2. Excellent winter holiday
  3. High security
  4. Architectural and historical monuments
  5. Fishing on the lakes


  • Visa entry
  • cool climate
  • High prices
  • Recently, the Swedes have a negative attitude towards foreigners. Refugees from disadvantaged countries of the world have a negative impact on the overall situation in the country and lead to the creation of a tense situation.

We have tried to list down all the Pros & Cons of travel to Europe. We have already shared the Cheapest countires to live in europe & most expensive cities in the world to live.

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Austria Most Beautiful Places to Visit



Austria Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Austria Most Beautiful Places to Visit : You can get to know any country through its culture, architecture or nature. Austria in this sense is truly unique: all three of these components are presented here in all their splendor and diversity. On such a seemingly small territory, you will find delightful monuments of antiquity, the most picturesque nature reserves, and buildings of amazing beauty.

What is Austria famous for?

Ski resorts and beautiful lakes, thermal springs and picturesque reserves, architecture of extraordinary beauty, medieval houses, castles and palaces, places where great people worked, where history was made and the fate of all mankind changed – and all this is Austria, which attracts, delights and fascinates attracting tourists from all over the world.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine this country without Vienna – the “musical capital of Europe”, Salzburg – the birthplace of Mozart, Carinthia – the land of lakes, which is also called the “Austrian Riviera”, and Tyrol – the “heart of the Alps”. In every corner of this country you will find something amazing.

The main attractions of Austria

Of course, the main architectural sights of Austria are located in Vienna. And first of all, it is worth getting acquainted with the symbol of Vienna – St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is rightfully considered the most significant in Austria. This is the greatest religious building that holds countless treasures.

The cathedral was consecrated in the 12th century, after the end of the Second World War it was restored. To this day, the Giant Gates and pagan towers have survived unchanged. The pulpit of Anton Pilgram, the tombstone of Emperor Frederick III, the ducal tomb and the Vienna Neustadt Altar deserve attention.

Two more places that cannot be ignored if you happen to be in Vienna are the summer and winter residences of the Habsburgs, the Schönbrunn and Hofburg palaces. The Hofburg houses the residence of the President of the Republic of Austria, the Sisi Museum, the Silver Chamber, the Schatzkammer (imperial treasury).

In Schönbrunn, you will be amazed by the luxurious architecture of the palace itself and the stunning beauty of the park with fountains, one of the most famous Glorietta pavilions in the world and the oldest zoo. By the way, the palace itself and its territory are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Several halls and forty rooms are open for visiting in the palace, where unique expositions are presented.

Be sure to visit the Museum Quarter – a large museum complex in Vienna. Here you should look into the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna’s Kunstahalle and the Leopold Museum, which contains the largest collection of works by Egon Schiele. By the way, the courtyard of the quarter has long turned into one of the world’s largest culinary areas. There are a huge number of cafes and restaurants where you can relax and have a good meal.

In Vienna, you should definitely go to the famous Vienna Opera and see the Vienna Woods, as well as walk to the Town Hall and the Parliament on the Ring.

Castles of Austria

Austrian castles and palaces are the undisputed adornment of this country. They are scattered throughout Austria, and each is of historical value, striking in luxury and stunning beauty.

So, for example, in addition to Schönbrunn and Hofbrug, the Belvedere Palace, the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, is also famous in Vienna. This place is recommended for visiting true art lovers, because it is here that the largest collection of works by Gustav Klimt in Europe is presented. In the Upper Belvedere you can also get acquainted with the masterpieces of Schiele and Kokoschka, the works of the French Impressionists, the sculptures of Franz Messerschmidt.

In Salzburg, you will meet with another palace of incredible beauty and grandeur – Hellbrunn, which was built in the 17th century for Archbishop Markus Sittikus and is considered one of the best examples of garden and park art in the world. The palace is famous for the oldest symmetrical gardens in Europe, amusing fountains and a mechanical theater of 265 figures that move to the accompaniment of organ music.

Herberstein Castle boasts a special atmosphere and originality, for several centuries it has belonged to the family, after whose name it got its name. On the territory of the castle and the park there is a “Pavilion of Roses” and magnificent greenhouses, the Florentine Court, a cannon tower and a knight’s hall.

One of the most popular and visited castles in Austria is also considered Kreuzenstein, built in the 12th century and completely restored by 1906. The reconstruction was carried out according to the remaining plans for the architecture of the castle, and the romantic image of an ideal medieval castle was taken as the basis. Here you can get acquainted with a rich collection of household items, weapons of the Middle Ages, there is a knight’s hall.

What else to see in Austria

Of course, it is impossible to imagine Austria without visiting places associated with the name of Mozart. In Vienna there is the Mozart House, where the composer wrote The Marriage of Figaro, and in Salzburg there is the Mozart Birth House and the Dance Master House, in which the great musician lived for seven years.

In addition to magnificent palaces, buildings of medieval architecture and castles, Austria has many natural attractions that deserve to be seen with your own eyes:

The Eisriesenwelt Cave is the world’s largest ice cave, located in the federal state of Salzburg. You can visit it from May 1 to October 26;

Neuwiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park with the only steppe lake in Europe;

The Donau-Auen National Park is the largest nature reserve in Central Europe and a great place to relax;

Carinthia region , world-famous for its lakes, the water in which, like many centuries ago, is drinking;

Tauern – a nature reserve on the highest mountain range in Austria, which includes the second largest peak in

Europe – the Grossglockner;

The Dachstein mountain range , included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a favorite place for skiers and snowboarders.

All these places are of incredible beauty, strength and energy, where it seems that even something special is in the air. Be sure to plan a visit to at least one of them, because each of them will open up a completely different Austria for you.

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Best Hotels in Portugal



Best Hotels in Portugal

The best hotels in Portugal : Mysterious and colorful Portugal, a country located on the very edge of the Old World, was once a great maritime power, today it has become a vacation spot for the elite. Those who are sickened by the hustle and bustle of “folk” resorts with their lurid tourist shops and stream service. Those who are not satisfied with just a beach holiday, who are eager to take away not only souvenirs, but also unforgettable impressions from visiting ancient castles and walking along the picturesque streets of cities where the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries began.

The western coast of Portugal is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches located here are very diverse – some, where the sea is calm and shallow, have become a favorite place for families, while others, where the waves are high, attract surfers and other fans of extreme water sports. The resorts of Portugal are unique – they are not as crowded as the Spanish and Italian ones, and are not yet as expensive as the advertised beaches of the French Riviera.

At the same time, the level of service here is truly royal – both in luxurious 5-star hotels and in more affordable hotels. Sometimes it is not easy even for hospitality experts to distinguish between a 5-star Portuguese hotel and a 4-star hotel, the differences between them are so small.

Coastal Portugal hotels

Portugal is the “pioneer” of a beach holiday, celebrities and august persons came here for sea bathing at the end of the 19th century. The best hotels in Portugal on the coast keep the tradition of hospitality and create all the conditions for an unforgettable vacation.

5 Star hotels in Portugal

Cliff Bay 5 Star (Madeira Island, Funchal)

This is one of the best hotels in the country. It rises on a rock with a stunning view of the boundless ocean. Cliff Bay offers more than just accommodation – it has a health club with a sauna and steam bath, a massage parlour, an aromatherapy spa, tennis and squash courts, a gym, a riding school and a diving school. The hotel has its own shops, 3 restaurants and 4 bars.

Reid’s Palace 5 Star deluxe (Madeira Island, Funchal)

Reid’s Palace is an ancient castle, carefully restored and turned into a luxury hotel. The whole family often comes here – for the youngest guests there is a playground with a pool and slides and a Fun@Reid’s kids club, restaurants offer a special children’s menu, and each kid receives a small gift on the day of arrival. Adults can relax at the spa, try out some water sports or take a dip in one of the three pools – especially the beautiful and unusual saltwater pool, which is carved into the rock at sea level and fills up at high tides.

Albatroz 5 Star (Cascais)

Once the buildings in which this hotel is now located were private villas of the country’s most noble families. The aristocratic spirit is still alive today – the hotel is designed for the most demanding travelers. At their service is the Albatroz restaurant, built in the shape of a boat, a bar, 2 outdoor pools, banquet rooms, a health club with a sauna, a Turkish bath, a jacuzzi and a fitness room. Nearby are a casino, a golf club, a tennis club and a riding club. It is worth mentioning that the hotel’s beach is considered one of the best on the coast.

4 Star hotels in Portugal

Inglaterra 4 Star (Estoril)

The elegant Inglaterra building was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is a fine example of Art Nouveau style. This hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the beach. Decorated in pastel colors, the bay-view restaurant serves local delicacies, it features a sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi, playground, solarium, casino and massage parlour, and a large golf course.

Sana Park Sesimbra 4 Star

The former fishing village of Sesimbra is now considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Portugal. If you are dreaming of a relaxing holiday, Sana Park Sesimbra, located right on the surf line, is an excellent choice. There is a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a Turkish bath, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a panoramic terrace overlooking the bay, and on the top floor there is a health club with an outdoor pool, which is covered with a tent during the cool season. Sana Park Sesimbra is also suitable for business events – 4 conference rooms of the hotel can accommodate up to 200 people and are equipped with everything you might need for presentations.

3 Star hotels in Portugal

Dorisol Florasol 3 Star (Funchal)

Dorisol Florasol is located right on the ocean, on a busy street with a promenade, surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants and bars. At the same time, the hotel itself is a cozy quiet haven, where you can not hear the hustle and bustle of the resort. Each room has a veranda and a small kitchen, making Dorisol Florasol a good choice for long-term travelers. Swimming pools for children and adults, a sunbathing area, a restaurant and a billiard room – there is everything you need for a good holiday.

Baia 3 Star (Cascais)

Looking at this hotel on the ocean, it’s hard to believe that it has only been awarded three stars. The hotel building vaguely resembles a silhouette of a proud cruise liner. On board, guests can expect cozy spacious rooms with balconies, an indoor rooftop pool, a barbecue restaurant, two bars and a conference room.

Alfamar Aldeamento Turistico 3 Star (Algarve, Albufeira)

Alfamar Aldeamento Turistico is located on a cliff top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Santa Eulalia Beach. The territory of the hotel is very extensive – there was a place for a huge swimming pool, according to many – the most beautiful in the Algarve, and a mini-water park for children, and sports grounds for a variety of games. The sea is only a few dozen meters away, and after a delightful day on the beach, the hotel offers to spend an hour or two in the spa, where there are baths, a hot tub and a sauna. The hotel’s many restaurants specialize in Portuguese and European cuisine. Be sure to try fresh seafood at the Canica restaurant!

City hotels in Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is famous for its unique style and charm. Many travelers come here to touch the centuries-old history of this unusual city on the edge of Europe. Hundreds of hotels await guests in Lisbon – from fashionable palaces, where love for luxury is felt in every detail, to inexpensive, but stylish and comfortable hotels.

5 Star hotels in Portugal

Olissippo Lapa Palace 5 Star

The word Palace is not accidentally present in the name of this hotel. Olissippo Lapa Palace is a real palace of the 19th century, turned into an exquisite hotel, one of the best not only in Lisbon, but throughout Europe. The aristocratic past is reminiscent not only of the building itself, but also of antique furniture in the rooms, marble bathrooms and a royal level of service. The hotel has a luxury spa, sauna and Turkish bath, a fitness room with a swimming pool, the Cipriani restaurant, where you can taste Venetian delicacies, the Rio Tejo bar with an outdoor terrace overlooking the city and the Tagus River, and the Le Pavillon restaurant swimming pool, where jazz concerts are held every Wednesday with the participation of the best musicians of Lisbon. The hotel is located in the fashionable diplomatic district,

Avenida Palace 5 Star

This is another palace hotel overlooking Avenida Liberdade, the liveliest and most vibrant street of the Portuguese capital. The interior of this hotel, one of the oldest in the country, combines modern amenities with classic luxury of carved furniture, stucco, heavy velvet drapes and sparkling crystal chandeliers. The hotel is built in the historic center of Lisbon, so most of the main sights are within walking distance.

Bairro Alto 5 Star

This place will appeal to art lovers and everyone who is not indifferent to the charm of Bohemia. Relatively small (only 55 rooms), Bairro Alto is located in the heart of Lisbon’s cultural life, near Luis de Camoes Square, where art galleries, cozy cafes and expensive boutiques are concentrated. Rooms at the hotel are decorated in a classic Portuguese style with custom-made furniture. Particularly romantic is the room located in the attic. The Flores restaurant offers the best Portuguese cuisine, and the bar on the 6th floor is famous not only for its cocktails, but also for panoramic views of the city. Start the day with an invigorating workout at the hotel’s fitness club and end with a relaxing massage with natural essential oils at the spa.

CS Vintage Lisboa Hotel 5 Star

Nestled between the elegant Avenida Liberdade and the ever-awake Bairro Alto, the new hotel combines modernity with the nostalgic atmosphere of old Lisbon. The interior is decorated with vintage gizmos and antique furniture, but the rooms are equipped with the latest technology, and the spa offers the most innovative beauty and health treatments. The hotel has a gym with a heated pool, a Portuguese restaurant Vintage Restaurant and a Vintage Snack bar where you can also grab a bite to eat. For those who come to Lisbon not to relax, but to work, CS Vintage Lisboa Hotel provides two conference rooms equipped with everything you need, and a meeting room.

4 Star hotels in Portugal

Radisson Blu Hotel Lisboa

Around the world, Radisson stands for exceptional comfort and quality. The Lisbon hotel is no exception. Elegant interiors in the style of modern classics are complemented by modern technology, the fitness club is equipped with the latest exercise equipment, the Bordalo Pinheiro restaurant offers breakfast in the morning and a menu of the most famous dishes of Portuguese cuisine in the evening. For romantic evenings, the cozy Malhoa Cocktail Bar with live music is more suitable.

Jeronimos 8 Hotel

Jeronimos 8 carefully combines tradition and innovation. The pre-war Golden Age façade hides rooms designed by the Portuguese capital’s best young designers, a restaurant, an open-air patio bar and secluded sun lounger terraces. The hotel is located in fashionable Belém, close to attractions, museums, the seaside promenade and a shady garden.

Heritage Av. 4 Star

The hotel is housed in a historic building of the 18th century, which has preserved the recognizable architectural style of the Portuguese Baroque after restoration. Each room of this unusual hotel has its own design. The world-famous architect Miguel Cancio Martinez worked on the interiors, providing not only apartments for guests, but also a cozy lounge, a bar and a comfortable fitness center with a swimming pool.

3 Star hotels in Portugal

Evidencia Tejo Creative Hotel 3 Star

The ultra-modern interiors of this design hotel are sure to impress even sophisticated travelers. The decor is dominated by yellow and blue colors, reminiscent of the famous Portuguese beaches. Evidencia Tejo Creative Hotel is located in the center of Old Lisbon, in the Baixa Pombalina area, which is famous for its picturesque streets and restaurants with local cuisine.

Evidencia Astoria Creative Hotel 3 Star

The white, “airy” building of the hotel rises above the Marques de Pombal square and the Eduardo VII park. This is one of the most beautiful and cozy areas of the capital of Portugal. In addition to the obligatory restaurant and bar, this hotel has its own golf course and spa with an impressive selection of massage programs – just what you need after a long walk!

Spa Hotels in Portugal

Spa hotels are the real pride of Portugal. There are many resorts on the sea coast that offer not only beach holidays, but also spa services. The programs are diverse – rejuvenation, recovery, detox, procedures for gaining harmony, relaxing massages and even treatment. The level of spas in Portugal is very high, which cannot be said about the prices – they are noticeably lower than the average European ones.

Enotel Lido – Conference Resort & Spa 5 Star (Funchal)

Time spent at Thalassothys Spa can be the best holiday memory. Many treatments are unique and designed specifically for this salon. The care programs use natural essential oils, local sea salt and luxury products from world famous brands. The hotel’s spa includes several pools, saunas and Turkish baths.

Belmar Spa and Beach Resort 4 Star (Algarve, Lagos)

A luxury resort on the picturesque Porto de Mós beach, it offers apartments and detached townhouses, multiple pools, a fitness room and a spa that truly deserves to be called one of the best in Lagos. Guests are invited to relax in the sauna or steam bath, undergo a color therapy course or enjoy a massage – both classic and water.

Alentejo Marmoris Hotel & SPA 4 Star (Algarve, Vila Visosa)

Modern stylish hotel, which is famous for its spa. Four comfortable rooms for individual treatments provide guests with the opportunity to relax in an atmosphere of peace and privacy. Massage is especially good here, for which it is better to sign up in advance. The spa center is equipped with outdoor and indoor pools and a sauna.

Ski resorts in Portugal

Portugal attracts travelers not only in summer, but also in winter. In the vicinity of the Meseta plateau is the highest point in the country – the majestic Mount Estrela (1993m). The Serra da Estrela ski resort is located on its slopes. 9 comfortable ski slopes with a total length of more than 6 km, 5 ski lifts, mild snowy winters and a large selection of hotels – what else do you need for an unforgettable vacation?

Serra da Estrela 4 Star

Serra da Estrela combines the features of a classic alpine chalet with elements of a traditional Portuguese pousada – a hotel set in an old manor. After skiing, guests can warm up at the Dharma Spa with a dip in the warm pool or sauna. The hotel offers special programs for honeymooners and lovers who decide to spend a romantic weekend in the mountains.

Hotel dos Carqueijais 4 Star

This cozy boutique hotel offers great views of the Cova da Beira Valley. Even in summer, it is incredibly beautiful here – especially if you admire the mountain views from the outdoor pool or from the panoramic veranda. The interiors of the hotel are decorated in a fashionable “ecological” style, using noble wild stone and warm natural wood.

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Best Resorts in Portugal



Resorts in Portugal

Resorts in Portugal : Portugal is the westernmost and sunniest country in Europe. The unique color, pleasant climate and good ecology make it a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. It is a pleasure to come back here again and again, at any time of the year. In Portugal, every time you can discover something new for yourself and your loved ones, get a charge of vivacity and health.

The resort towns of Portugal warmly welcome tourists with the sun, comfortable hotels, unique cuisine and excellent wines. The ocean coast of Portugal stretches for almost 1800 kilometers and is famous for its huge number of clean beaches, many of which are marked with blue flags for quality. However, holidays in Portugal are not only beaches, but also skiing and treatment on the waters.

What are the most popular resorts in Portugal?

Beach Resorts in Portugal

The beaches of Portugal are so diverse that they will satisfy any request. Whether you love unspoiled nature or comfortable accommodations, whether you just like to lie in the sun or enjoy active sports, there is always a place in Portugal to suit your taste.

The most luxurious are the beaches of the southern province of Algarve, stretching for 150 kilometers from east to west. The tourist season here lasts all year round. In the western part of the coast, lovers of rocky beaches rest, in the eastern part – those who prefer sandy ones. The centers of attraction for tourists are the cities of Portimão with the Praia de Rocha beach and Albufeia with the Praia dos Barcos beach. Here you can find a lot of activities and entertainment besides the beach – go to the old town, go shopping, join the local cuisine, meet the fishermen. If you are interested in the resorts of Portugal, the Algarve should definitely be considered as an option.

The surroundings of Lisbon will delight those who love metropolitan life. The beach season here opens in the summer on the “Lisbon Riviera” Costa do Sol, which is a whole strip of resorts. One of the most beautiful beaches near the Portuguese capital is Guincho, where world windsurfing championships are held. This is a place for those who love sports and vibrant spectacles. The two quietest beaches near Lisbon are Portinho da Arrábida and Coellos, ideal for swimming and relaxing. Nudists can recommend Meku beach, which is considered one of the cleanest and least crowded.

Describing the resorts of Portugal, Madeira Island should be mentioned separately. The beaches here are small, sandy and very clean. Around them you can find a lot of interesting things. Nature lovers will be attracted by eucalyptus groves, extinct volcanoes and waterfalls, athletes will be attracted by the opportunity to go diving and windsurfing, play golf and tennis, and ride horses.

In autumn, the hunting and fishing season opens on the island. The best in Madeira is the artificial beach of Calheta, covered with sand from Morocco and the continental part of Portugal. It is protected by a long breakwater and allows swimming in almost any wind.

The seaside resorts of Portugal are an opportunity to go diving. Divers all over the world love the Azores. Especially popular are the beaches of Pico Island, from which you can go on an underwater journey to meet whales, dolphins, parrot fish and other marine life.

Thermal Spas in Portugal

There are several dozens of thermal resorts in Portugal. The most famous and favorite among Russian tourists are Chaves, Geres and Caldas de Saude.

Chaves has been known since ancient Rome. Local thermal waters help in the treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the digestive system. The Romans did not ignore the similar beneficial properties of the thermal waters of Geres. Caldas de Saude became a real resort in the middle of the century before last. He specializes in musculoskeletal and respiratory diseases. According to those who travel to the thermal resorts of Portugal constantly, the very picturesqueness of these places, clean air and pleasant environment make you simply forget about any illnesses.

You can bring a piece of Portugal in the form of cosmetic and medicinal products based on thermal waters from a local resort with you to prolong your well-being and good memories, and please your loved ones with pleasant and useful souvenirs.

Ski resorts in Portugal

Portugal is actively developing its ski resorts, which are distinguished by their accessibility for middle-class people, while providing all their guests with a high level of comfort. Numerous ski slopes are laid on the slopes of the Sierra da Estrela ridge. Here you can find conditions for skiing and snowboarding at any level of training. Alpine skiing in Portugal is easy and convenient for the whole family to master. Professionals should pay attention to the artificial slope Mantegitas. Popular ski resorts include Vodafone Ski Resort in the municipality of Seia and Hotel Serra da Estrela in the municipality of Covilhã. If you enjoy any of the Portuguese ski resorts, you can return here during the warmer months to paragliding.

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