Critical Appreciation of the Poem Night Mail

Critical Analysis of the poem Night Mail


It is a simple poem composed by W.H.Auden . In this peom the poet describe the journey of a coach in an interesting way. The night mail travels the whole night to bring mail; containing letters, postal, orders and cheques for the people living in different parts of the country.


The journey is not always the same sometimes the coach has to climb upwards and sometimes it crosses the plain but it reaches its destination always on time . During the journey the coach passes through grass lands, cotton fields and moorland areas etc.


The poet mentains about attitude of birds, as it approaches, the birds become active and stare at it through buses. The sheep dogs are not at all disturbed by the noise of the train as they are last in their slumber. The poet minutely describes all the details that happen. When night mail passes through the farm, the people without being disturbed continue to sleep. Only a jug placed in the bedroom shakes gently due to the vibration caused by the train.

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