Critical Appreciation of the Poem The Rain by WH Davies

Critical Appreciation of the Poem The Rain


This poem is a musical display of rain a great phenomena of nature. The rain beautifies the entrie atmosphere. When it is raining, the upper leaves get the rain drops first and quench their thirst. Afterwards they pass on the remaning drops to the leaves at the lower level. These lines affer a metaphar the rich at the upper level get a golden chance first and whatever remains extrais trickled down to the poor people. This romantic and natural scene of rain is not to be enjoyed by the poor, who are shelter-less. So they don’t admire and enjoy the beauty and music of rain.


Rain appears as a hindrance in their daily routine and gives them a tough time. When it stops raining and the sun comes out, the wonderful light of the sun sparkle the drops of the rain. The scene of sun shine is lovely and source of pleasure, because it symbolizes hope and happiness for all of us. The sun shine symbolizes the time in future when their will be justice and equal distribution of resources among all. “I hope the sun shines bright, It will be a lovely sight”

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The poet is optimistic and says that although the poor people suffer from cold and wet weather but they can enjoy after every rain as there is a day after every night. Life is a beautiful blend of joy and happiness comes after every grief as spring comes after every winter.

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