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Dark They were and Golden Eyed Discussion Questions Answers

Dark They were and Golden Eyed Questions

Q1. Why did Harry want to go back to the earth?


Ans. Harry wanted to go back to the earth because he felt that his body tissues had been drawn tight due to vacuum. He also felt himself to be submerged in a chemical that would dissolve his intellect and disintegrate his past. He realized himself like a crystal of salt in mountain stream, which would dissolve anyway.



Q2. Why did Mr. Bittering want to stay at mars?


Ans. He wanted to stay at Mars sue to the fear of atomic war going on the earth. Moreover, the atom bomb had destroyed all the spaceship stations and rockets in New York and he hoped someday, rocket would come to the Mars to take them back to the earth.



Q3. What sort of Climate did the Bittering Family face at Mars?

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Ans. The Martian Climate was dangerous and replete with chemical. Mr. Bittering felt himself to be in the center of a vacuum, which would draw his soul from his body. The climate had completely changed their appearance, they became dark coloured and golden eyed. Everything on Mars was disintegrating gradually in the chemical climate.



Q4. What was the condition of the Bittering Family on hearing the news of war on the earth?


Ans. Bittering family was extremely dejected on hearing the news of war on the earth. Their hopes to return to the earth were shattered. They could hardly believe that they had to live rest of their life on Mars with little chances of existence.



Q5. What was the condition of the house constructed by the Bittering family?


Ans. The house built by the Bittering family, underwent disintegration because of chemical in air and Martian virus. At night, everything was covered by fog. The boards had been warped out of shape. It was not an earth‟s man atmosphere and everything was losing its identity.

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Q6.How social were the people of Mars?


Ans. The lieutenant told the Captain that Martians were friendly, dark people with golden eyes. They were capable to learn English fast. He also reflected that they could be made friends easily. Ironically, the Martian people were the same, who migrated from the Earth to Mars to live in peace and whose physical appearance underwent mutation, so the Captain and Lieutenant could not identify them.

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