Dasht e Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali PDF

How can a modern child instill a love for the book? Why is it so difficult for today’s children to instill the value and love of reading ? What can you do to make your baby love the world of the printed word? To begin with, let’s try to speculate about what reading gives a modern child? What is its uniqueness and difference from other sources of information? We must try to be honest. What’s the book now? A treasure trove of information? For us, who were growing up in another, “pre-Internet” era, the book was the only repository of knowledge in all possible areas. This book taught us, talking about worlds that were inaccessible, showing many examples of responding to various situations.


Everything has changed. Instead of spending hours searching in dusty libraries, just watch a fascinating video. With reduced criticality, this information is conventionally perceived as something objective, as some kind of knowledge. Of course, the Internet makes it easy to familiarize yourself with other sources, but: first, certain search skills are required; secondly, you need a need for analysis, a desire to understand, form your own assessment, and not be content with plagiarizing someone else’s opinion. And what about the book? The book is structured according to different rules. Reading books is akin to meditation, it does not give ready-made pictures, it models them in our mind using symbols. Encourages co-creation by referring to our experience. In this sense, the book is less subjective, although the personality of the author stands behind it with all the delusions. But most importantly, the book adjusts to the pace of our perception, it does not pull with spectacular images. An essential plus of reading: We have the opportunity to stop, analyze, argue, agree. We have the right to pause, to think, to plunge into the problem. This is work, and a person always strives for laziness, for entertainment, for pleasure.

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Rubab Shabbir

Is there season 2 of dasht e wehshet novel? The story of saqar and fateh?


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