Deemak by Dr. Tanveer Anwar Khan

Deemak by Dr. Tanveer Anwar

This is one of the best piece of Deemak From the collection of or Written by Dr. Tanveer Anwar Khan It have 6 (Six) Pages.

Cons of language reforms
There have been linguistic reforms in every century, so the negative impact of such changes must be considered initially. For instance:

Before the revolution, the nobility had a fashion for knowledge of the French language and communication in it, this led to the fact that a huge gap was formed between the common people and the upper class. Now, colloquial speech also largely depends on education, environment and the dominance of the Russian language with foreign words. Many, trying to show off their erudition, use such phrases that they are not understandable not only to those to whom they are addressing, but also to themselves.

The influence of lexical norms that make word usage difficult. Doubtful terms appear, reflecting the spirit of the times in the form of political thinking, liberalization, a zone with free enterprise. The interpretation in such phrases is not always present, they are not clear, they need to be separately explained or commented on.

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